Best Time To Visit Central Africa

Best Time: December - April Read More

Budget: Expensive

December - April is the best time to visit Central Africa

The best time to visit the Central African region in general is during the winter months when weather is cool and dry. The temperature mostly dwindles between 20 to 30 deg C and there is hardly any rain. However, make note to check the weather condition of individual country before travelling. For instance, Republic of Congo experiences long rains between January and May.

Central Africa in Central Africa in May Ð October

The months from May to October are generally the time when the region experiences high amount of rainfall. Although, temperature dips a little but makes it very difficult for travellers as humidity rises. However, the condition is not same for each country member. For Republic of Congo and Democratic Republic of Congo, this is the time for short rain spells whereas for other countries it is the main rainy season.

Central Africa in Central Africa in October - April

During this time of year, the region usually faces dry spell with no or very little rain depending upon country to country and area to area. In Chad, weather condition during this period is usually windy and cooler evening, however, while Cameroon faces hot and dry spells in south. However, in most countries October to April is the driest time of the year.