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Situated at an altitude of 3,293 metres in the Garhwal Himalayas, Yamunotri is the source of the sacred Yamuna River and the abode of goddess Yamuna. One of the four pilgrimage sites of Chota Char Dham, Yamunotri is the popular tourist attraction primarily because it has the holy Yamunotri Temple. Every year, the attraction observes not only god lovers in large numbers but also the adventure fanatics seeking for the best trekking experience.

Be it for the beginners or the experts; the Yamunotri trek is perfect for all. As you walk through the snow-covered mountains, the rugged and slippery terrains are challenging yet exhilarating. There are two routes for this trek- from Hanuman Chatti, which is a 13 Km trek and from Janki Chatti, which is a 6 km trek. On the way, many old temples can be seen which increases the sanctity of the hill station. The majestic Garhwal Himalayas and the beautiful waterfalls look spellbinding from the top. The awe-inspiring views of the mountains and scattered trees is a treat for the eyes. The pious Yamunotri Temple, perched on the top is worth the climb of three to four hours. As you walk amidst the picturesque valleys, Yamunotri will surely take you to a different world with its purity and stillness.

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Yamunotri Trekking Routes

There are two trekking routes to reach Yamunotri-

1. From Hanuman Chatti- The trek from Hanuman Chatti is a 13 km trek with extremely picturesque surroundings. You will pass through dense forests and waterfalls on your way. You can take regular buses available from Dehradun till Barkot. From Barkot, shared jeeps and taxis can be hired to reach Hanuman Chatti. This town is well-developed, and you will find fine accommodation and shops. Earlier it used to be the starting point of the trek but, now because of the newly constructed roads, you can choose to reach Janki Chatti first via a vehicle and then, trek along for Yamunotri. However, trekking is much adventurous and a memorable experience.

2. From Janki Chatti- The trek from Janki Chatti is a 6 km trek with the routes clearly marked. You will have no problem in finding your way up to Yamunotri. The paths are approximately two metres wide, and Yamuna river flows right beside throughout the journey. Few temples will also come in your ways like the Ram Temple and the Bhairav Temple. If you are visiting in winters, the scenic views of snow clad mountains and vegetation add to the excitement of the trip. The slopes are undulating, and the snow in winters makes trekking even more difficult.

Best Time To Visit Trekking

The ideal time to visit Yamunotri for trekking depends on the level of trekking you want. Summers, which begin from April and last until June, is suitable for beginners. There is no snow, and the weather is pleasant with a maximum temperature of around 20 degrees Celcius. Monsoons are not advisable to set out for trekking expeditions as there is a risk of landslides. Winters start from November to April and are also perfect for pro trekkers. The routes get covered with snow which makes the adventure even more exciting.

Stay Near Trekking

There are many hotels ranging from luxurious to spartan. Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN) provides reasonable accommodation in Yamunotri with all the basic amenities. Dharamshalas are also available for comfortable lodging. The price ranges from INR 500 to INR 5000 per night.

Tips For Visiting Trekking

1. Try to carry light bags so that climbing the rugged terrains is easier.
2. Don't lean along the railings and stay on the mountainside.
3. Take trekking sticks, warm drinks and snacks with you.
4. Make sure to carry at least one-litre water per head.
5. Winter boots which don't allow snow or water to seep in are suitable.
6. Carry enough woollen clothes.
7. Be extra careful in winters as the snow makes the slopes slippery.

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