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Medaram, Warangal Overview

Located in the district of Warangal in Telangana, Medaram is a tiny village. With a scanty population of approximately 3000 people, the most noticeable thing about the dainty village is it's rich and vibrant aesthetics. Medaram is popular not only in India, but is a name known in the world due to its 'Sammakka Sarakka Jatara', which is Asia's biggest biennial tribal fair. It is a grand and pompous fair that attracts millions of pilgrims to the village. You can taste peculiar and true village life, even in the 21st century only at this magnificent village. Besides, If there is one other thing that makes Medaram the next destination on your bucket list- it is the sheer scenic beauty of nature.

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Best Time To Visit Medaram

October to February is the most suitable time frame to visit Medaram. Not only is the climate pleasant, the Jatara takes place between these months.

Festivals at Medaram

Apart from the fact that shopping and sightseeing are the main interests, Medaram is the home of famous ‘Sammakka Jatara’. You can not afford to miss this grand event. This is a three day festival and is held once in every two years. It begins on a full moon day- also called the shuddha purnima day. It is not simply a religious event. The history of the festival dates back to the time when a fierce conflict took place between two tribes- the ‘Koyas’ and the ‘Kakatiyas’.

A women called Sammakka(who belonged to the Koya tribe), fought for the people of her tribe. She resisted oppression and suppression by the Kakatiyas. Sammakka was hailed as a goddess and Sarakka was Sammakka’ s daughter. This festival is celebrated to commemorate their sacrifice for the people. This large scale festival calls for pilgrims, tribals and visitors. The Jatara is a 1000 year old landmark festival. It is the main reason for Medaram attracting worldwide tourism. The Jatara festival is also a peek into the tribal culture of Medaram. You can take a glimpse of the lifestyle and cultural traditions of the Koya tribe.  


It was ruled by the Kakatiya dynasty in the 13th century. Medaram has experienced the reign of, a variety of rulers ranging from- Sultans, Nayaks, Mughals and even the British. It was post independence, when Medaram became a part of Warangal.


Telangana cuisine is well known for its Robust food- fiery taste and spicy flavours. Which it gets from a generous helping of Red chillies and freshly ground spices. Also coconut and jaggery are the main ingredients of Telangana cuisine. Sarva pindi, puntikura Chana dal, Gongura Gosht are some of the delicacies you can try at Medaram. The food here is spicy and savoury. And it will scintillate your taste buds for sure. This will give you the reason why- Telangana cuisine is the spiciest cuisine in India. And because of that reputation, every delicacy has chillies in it. Also, Pulusu or tamarind based gravy, is popular here and  dry vegetable is known as koora. Medaram will not only serve you with spicy food, there are many sweetmeats prepared in this little village. For sweet dish- you can taste the Kobbari Payasam or binge eat the Garijalu.

Visiting this beautiful and dainty village is a must. It is worth your time, effort and money. Indeed the magnificent ‘Sammakka Jatara’ and the captivating natural fiasco of Medaram, is sufficient to hold you in rapt attention. If nature’s lap entices and enchants you, Medaram might be your sweet escape!

Places to See

The endearing village of Medaram has many places that are worth visiting. You can visit the Jampanna Vagu, the Sammakka Sarakka temple, the Laknavaram lake and Ramappa temple.

1. The ‘Jampanna Vagu’ is a water pass that flows through the forest region. Taking a dip in this water pass is considered holy.
2. The Sammakka temple is the main reason for tourists flocking to Medaram from all over India. This temple is devoted to the tribal goddess also known as ‘Saralamma’.
3. You will be delighted to see the hanging bridge at the Laknavaram lake. This attraction falls on the way to Tadvai from Warangal.
4. For those love Historic elements, the Ramappa temple is a must visit. There are carefully preserved temple carvings on stone, at the temple.

How To Reach Medaram

If you are planning to travel by air, then Hyderabad airport is the nearest to Medaram. While the nearest railway station is Warangal. From Warangal local buses will take you to Medaram.

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