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Demel Cafe, Vienna Overview

One of the most popular pass times of locals and tourists in Vienna is lounging around the historic Demel Cafe, sipping coffee and enjoying its signature pastries. Established near the Hofburg Palace since 1786, this family business turned globally renowned company has international fame for its desserts and chocolates. A visit to the Demel Cafe is not only a must for every tourist but also places them in the same vicinity where earlier emperors used to spend their time. This gem of history is famous for its coffee, tarts, and a wide range of pastries. Open all year round, with a museum and gift shop to explore, Demel Cafe is the best place to lounge around after a hectic day. The best time to visit this cafe is during Christmas where the holiday specialities and atmosphere add extra charm.

Apart from treating the taste buds to authentic Austrian delicacies, visitors can also explore the Demel Museum and Window shop. Seeing bakers behind the scenes is always a popular favourite, especially amongst children. The Demel Cafe overtime has received royal admiration and international acclaim. Preserving traditional values, the waiters and waitresses still greet the guests as they did when the Cafe first opened. Though it was always a fashionable space amongst the high class and elite, Demel Cafe overtime opened its doors to the locals and today supplies its pastries across the world. Visitors can enjoy coffee, strudels, tarts, pastries and more, along with a light breakfast and snacks.

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Things to Do at Demel Cafe

The Demel Cafe is a must-visit for every first-time traveller to Vienna city. Taking in the authentic taste of Vienna’s desserts cannot be missed. Visitors can explore everything from Demel’s Cakeshop to the Cafe, and even a museum. The shop area has interiors decorated with Baroque influences and is one of the cosiest cafes in the city. Visitors enjoy the candied violets and the famous Katenzungen. The bar area is especially popular for a quick sip of coffee.

Demel Cafe also showcases its patisserie rooms which have a complete dollhouse setting. Complete with beautiful coffee tables, chairs, sofas, and elegant windows, the experience is nothing less than taking a step back into the past. The Bakery and Window Shop of Demel Cafe allows visitors to see the behind the scenes magic of crafting the world-famous delicacies. The pastries and strudels of Demel Cafe are a popular choice.

History of Demel Cafe

Widely known as one of Austria’s most popular pastry shops and cafes, the Demel Cafe was established in the year 1786. Located near the Hofburg Palace, the Cafe has overtime received royal and cultural patronage. The confectionery was founded by Ludwig Dehne who gave the family business to his sons upon his death. After his son inherited the shop, it was sold off to Christoph Demel who carried the workings of this restaurant onward.

It was renamed and also received royal acceptance. It is said that notable leaders of Austria’s history including the Empress, actresses, heads of Nazi Germany, and others were regular visitors to the pastry shop. Today Do & Co has the legal authority over the company. Having witnessed decades of Austrian history, the Demel Cafe stands as one of the oldest constructions on the streets of Vienna.

How to Reach Demel Cafe

Metro: The most convenient way to reach the Cafe is through the underground metro. Taking the line U3, visitors can get off at the station Herrengasse. Demel is a four minute walk from there.

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