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One of the lesser unknown treasures of Unawatuna is Jungle Beach. Located between Unawatuna and Galle, right next to the jungle is the beautiful and calm emerald green waters of this beach. The beach is not as easy to visit as compared to the other beaches of the city, but you can access it either by walking on foot and making a trekking trip out of it or even take a boat ride which will become a whole new experience for you.

There are sunbeds available for you to sit back, and chill by the beach while sipping on your exotic drink. The beach also offers a host of fun activities for you to enjoy like swimming, snorkelling. You can also visit the nearby beach resort to indulge in some luxury with top-notch food and service for the complete experience.

A Short Walk Through This Path to Reach the Beach

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Things To Do

1. Scuba Diving
Jungle beach is one of the most recommended places to explore the underwaters for scuba diving.  You can easily rent some scuba diving gear from the nearby shops and also gain a tip or two about the activity. So check off an item of your bucket list and explore the wonders of the ocean.

2.  Snorkelling: See the Beautiful Coral Reefs
When in Sri Lanka, you definitely cannot miss out snorkelling.  Explore the beauty of the coral reefs which are at a depth of not more than 30 feet. Also, if you are a good swimmer, you would be easily able to explore both sides of the beach. However, be wary and careful of the ocean current.

3. Take a Boat Ride
You can experience the beauty of the Jungle beach by taking a boat ride to it. This beautiful transparent boat allows you to witness the vibrant sea life all the while enjoying the salt in your hair. There also guides available to enlighten you with some interesting facts about the place, sea creatures and coral reefs to make your boat ride exciting and memorable.

4. Visit the Rumassala Sanctuary
The Rumassala Sanctuary is a paradise for every nature lover, which is rich in many different species of rare plants, medicinal herbs, and exotic birds. The place also attracts tourists due to the mythological significance of the epic 'Ramayana' which marks the rescue of Princess Sita by Lord Ram.

5. Relax at the Beach
The beach is secluded from the city which makes it the perfect place for some quiet time. You can sit back, relax or sunbathe at one of the sunbeds to get that perfect tan or have a relaxing time with an iced drink.

Local Food and Restaurants

When in Sri Lanka you cannot miss out the fantastic seafood dishes, and there are some authentic restaurants and cafes near the jungle beach to enjoy the authentic seafood and cuisine of Sri Lanka.

1. Sea Waves Apartment, Restaurant & Cooking Classes: A lovely place to try out local and authentic Sri Lankan food at a reasonable price. They also offer cooking classes to help you take back an authentic Sri Lankan recipe and recreate the dish even back home.

2. Jungle Restaurant: The place is famous for some authentic Sri Lankan food, pizzas, and fresh fish and chips.

3. Jungle Beach Inn Restaurant: Offering you multi cuisines ranging from Italian, Chinese, Seafood, Barbecue, Asian, Sri Lankan for a budget-friendly place.

Nightlife at Jungle Beach

The Jungle Beach is perfect for some sunbathing, snorkelling or just a quiet time during the day, and the vibe of the place transforms to a party at night. There is a beach party every Wednesday from sunset to sunrise, which is a party scene with people of all ages partying from dusk to dawn with some fantastic music and drinks for the night of your life.

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