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Agasthiyar falls contains an important religious belief. It is believed if a person takes a dip in the waterfall, all his sins will be washed away. The waterfall is situated 42 km west of Tirunelvel and lies on the Tamiraparani River. It is also known as Papanasam Falls.

Agasthiyar Falls is a beautiful waterfall lies on the Tamiraparani River. It is of a great religious importance. It is also known as Papanasam Falls. In other words Papanasam means removal from all sins. It is located 42 km west of Tirunelveli. It gots its name from the sage name Agasthiyar. It is believed that once you have taken a bath in the river all your sins will be washed away or will be absoluted. It can be reached from Papananasam temple by road. Papavinashweshwara (Shiva) Temple is nearby. Also 3km trekking from the waterfall may lead to the Agasthiyar temple.

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history and facts

The agasthiyar waterfall is also known as Papanasam Falls as Papanasam means absolution from all the sins . It holds a major religious importance . Also the name Agasthiyar was put up because of the saint name Agasthiyar . The history reveals that it is located at a place where shiva and Parvati appeared before the sage Agasthiyar . There is also a temple Agasthiyar temple which is of Lord shiva and Parwati .

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The nearest railway station is Ambasamudram only 10 km from Papanasam

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