Places to Visit Near Tirunelveli

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Places to Visit Near Tirunelveli

Here is the list of 14 Places to Visit Near Tirunelveli

1. Krishnapuram Temple- Thiruvenkatanathan, Tirunelveli

Krishnapuram Temple- Thiruvenkatanathan, Tirunelveli
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About 15 km from Thirunelveli is another beautiful temple. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the Krishnapurm Temple is famous for its life sized sculptures and a beautiful Idol of Lord Vishnu.

Distance from Tirunelveli: 13 km

2. Ovari, Tirunelveli

Ovari, Tirunelveli

Located on the coast of the stunning Bay of Bengal, Ovari is famous for an ancient Swayambulingaswamy Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and the Roman Catholic centre, Bharathar Ovari.

Distance from Tirunelveli: 70 km

3. Banatheertham Falls, Tirunelveli

Banatheertham Falls, Tirunelveli
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A beautiful white wall of water, the Banatheertham Falls is a joy of nature meant to be adored and embraced with all its amazement. In the amazing beauty of the Western Ghats is hidden a beautiful white wall of water flowing through the dense green forest known as the Banatheertham Falls. The Banatheertham Falls which is situated just over the Karaiyar Dam in the Tamirabarani River in the state of Tamil Nadu was largely unknown till the 90s until the popular Hindi movie Roja was shot here which also led the falls to be named Roja Falls.

Distance from Tirunelveli: 64 km

4. Kalakkad Wildlife Sanctuary, Tuticorin

Kalakkad Wildlife Sanctuary, Tuticorin

The Kalakkad Wildlife sanctuary is one of the few national parks in South India that house the Tiger. Lion tailed macaque, Nilgiri langur, bonnet macaque, langur, Nilgiri tahr, sambar, sloth bear, gaur, elephant, flying squirrel, panther, wild dog and pangolin are some of the other animals found here. Trekking and safari are some of the activities you can do over here.

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5. Courtallam Waterfalls, Tirunelveli

Courtallam Waterfalls, Tirunelveli

Since Tirunelveli has so many beautiful sites, the Coutallam Waterfalls get lost in the long list and tourists often miss out on these. But these waterfalls are nothing short of spectacular. The waterfalls comprise nine smaller falls. And it is believed that the water from these falls has medicinal healing properties. Even otherwise, the waterfalls are stunning. This place is popularly known as the Spa of South India.

6. Papanasam Falls, Tirunelveli

Papanasam Falls, Tirunelveli

A twin brother to the Banateertham Falls, Papanasam Fall is an immaculate sheet of white water that flows enchantingly in the rainforests of the Western Ghats mesmerizing one and all with its sheer volume, beauty and height. The Papanasam Falls, with a drop of 120 meters is highly revered by the locals both for their immense beauty and religious significance. It is believed that a dip in its waters can absolve one of all their sins. It is, therefore, also called Papanasam Falls; Papanasam in local language means removal of all sins.

7. Manjolai, Tirunelveli

Manjolai, Tirunelveli

Manjolai is a beautiful hill station located in the Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve. The hill station is famous for tea plantations, the Manimuthur Dam and the Manimuthur waterfalls surrounded by natural surroundings making it a perfect attraction for nature lovers.

Distance from Tirunelveli: 63 km

8. Manimuthar Waterfalls, Tirunelveli

Manimuthar Waterfalls, Tirunelveli

Manimuthar Waterfalls are created by River Manimuthar cascading down a distance of 25 feet forming a pond at the bottom that runs over 90 feet deep. The waterfall is surrounded by dense forestation and offers a tranquil escape for the troubled soul.

Distance from Tirunelveli: 47 km

9. Karaiyar Dam, Tirunelveli

Karaiyar Dam, Tirunelveli

Karaiyar Dam was built for power generation and to meet the water requirements for irrigation. Also called as the Papanasam Dam, it is built on River Thabirabarani. The Gravity Dam stands 44 metres tall and has a length of 227 metres and the power plant generates a total capacity of 32 MW.

Distance from Tirunelveli: 64 km

10. Nanguneri, Tirunelveli

Nanguneri, Tirunelveli

Nanguneri is a little town famous for the Todari Mutt, a Vaishnavite temple, where it is believed that Lord Vishnu appeared in front of Indra, Brahma and Bhrigu Muni. The panchayat town is one of the Divya Desams. It is a religiously important location as it is also a Swayamvyakta Kshetra.

Distance from Tirunelveli: 33 km

11. Kattabomman Memorial Fort, Tuticorin

Kattabomman Memorial Fort, Tuticorin
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The Tamil Nadu Government built the Kattabomman Memorial Fort in memory of the Freedom fighter Veerapandiya Kattabomma Karuthayya Nayakkar (also known as Kattabomman). He was an 18th-century chieftain who didn't accept the predominance of the British East India Company and waged war against them. He was awarded a death penalty after he was captured. The memorial stands at the site where he was hanged to death and is considered a shrine by the locals. 

Distance from Tirunelveli: 48 km

12. Shivamathungai Falls, Tirunelveli

Shivamathungai Falls, Tirunelveli

Shivamathungai Falls is a stunning waterfall in the region which is also considered as one of the main falls of Courtalam. The waterfall is surrounded by dense vegetation and is a perfect attraction to visit during the monsoons.

Distance from Tirunelveli: 64 km

13. Sengottai, Tirunelveli

Sengottai, Tirunelveli

Named after the fort at the entrance of the town, Sengottai is an attraction famous for its rich culture. An independence activist, Vanchinathan, from Sengottai had shot the then Collector, Robert William dêEscourt Ashe and later committed suicide to escape the arrest. The place, thus, also has historic significance in the region. The town is surrounded by beautiful natural landscape and also has a number of parks that make it a famous recreational centre.

Distance from Tirunelveli: 61 km

14. Ambasamudram, Tirunelveli

Ambasamudram, Tirunelveli

Located on the foothills of the Western Ghats, Ambasamudram is a taluk in the region famous for the ancient Kasibanathaswamy and Lrishnaswamy Temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu respectively. The Manjolai Hills, the Kalakad Mundanthuria Tiger Reserve and the Tea Plantations also draw tourists in large numbers.

Distance from Tirunelveli: 40 km

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