Banatheertham Falls

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6:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Entry Fee:

Boat: INR 20,
Bioshpere reserve admission: INR 50

Banatheertham Falls, Tirunelveli Overview

A beautiful white wall of water, the Banatheertham Falls is a joy of nature meant to be adored and embraced with all its amazement. In the amazing beauty of the Western Ghats is hidden a beautiful white wall of water flowing through the dense green forest known as the Banatheertham Falls. The Banatheertham Falls which is situated just over the Karaiyar Dam in the Tamirabarani River in the state of Tamil Nadu was largely unknown till the 90s until the popular Hindi movie Roja was shot here which also led the falls to be named Roja Falls.

The perennial waters of the falls ensure that one can witnesses its beauty all year round. The falls are accessible through a boat ride to the Karaiyar Dam which allows a great view of the waterfalls tucked in between the verdant hills. At the end of the boat ride one can trek for about ten minutes to reach even closer to the waterfalls and witness the unhindered power of the Banatheertham falls.

More on Banatheertham Falls

The best time to visit the Banatheertham Falls is from December till January as the temperatures are very pleasant with low levels of humidity allowing one to truly enjoy the beauty of the region and the falls.


Tirunelveli should be the preferred place to find accommodation in the area, as most of the hotels are located near the district headquarters. One can find appropriate accommodation options at Tirunelveli depending upon one's budget size.

Apart from the falls, some of the essentials, that you should not miss while here are the Nellaiappar Temple and the Mudanthurai Tiger Reserve.

Boating and Trekking are two common activities one can engage in at Banatheertham Falls.

Tirunelveli is famous for its range of hand woven textiles, ceramic pottery and inventive jewelry made out of shells etc. which can be found at the city's various shopping complexes.

The Tirunelveli wheat halwa is a specialty and is only available at Irritukadai, a small sweet shop, during the evening.


Start your trip with Papanasam and follow it with the Agasthyamalai Biosphere Reserve. The next day, head to the Karaiyar Dam and take a boat ride to the Banatheertham Falls.

Carry cotton clothes, packed lunch and water bottles.

  • Air: Nearest airport is at Madurai which is some 150 km away from Tirunelveli. One can hail a cab or public bus till Papanasam in Tirunelveli.

  • Rail: Tirunelveli is the nearest rail head which is well connected to Agasthyamalai Biosphere Reserve.

  • Road: The Biosphere reserve is well connected by roadways. One can get a public bus from Papanasam which is just 20 km from the Biosphere Reserve or hail a cab.

Top Hotels near Banatheertham Falls

  • Regency Tirunelveli By GRT Hotels

    Starting from INR 2,599

  • Sri Janakiram Hotels

    Starting from INR 2,200

  • Hotel Apple Ttree

    Starting from INR 2,699

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