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Tirap Tourism

Tirap never fails to enchant its tourists with gushing rivulets, green and vibrant orchids and the freshness in air which heals the restless mind. Another spectacular attribute of this place is the ethnicity of tribals and their festivals, fairs and flawless artworks which are created with intense dedication.

Tirap district is located on the south eastern part of Arunachal pradesh and is spread across 2363 square kilometers of area. It shares its boundaries with Nagaland in Assam and Myanmar. There is jewellery made from beads and there are headgears, elephant tusks and several other artifacts which mark its uniqueness. Tirap is a treasure for eco lovers and adventure enthusiast as they indulge in trekking, camping and what not, in the lap of nature far beyond artificial cities.

Things to do in Tirap

1. District museum

District museum
Built in the year 1956, this museum houses some of the amazing artifacts which represent different cultures of the people of Arunachal Pradesh.

2. Khonsa museum

Khonsa museum
This is a major attraction for the people who visit Khonsa and showcases various bamboos and crane works, weapons and swords. This museum is especially known to exhibit tribal artifacts representing c (Read More)ulture and tradition of different tribes all over the country.

3. Khonsa waterfall

Khonsa waterfall
This waterfall is located in dense forest, just a few kilometers away from Khonsa. Khonsa waterfall has a magnificent view and the chilled water of the stream is ever refreshing.

4. Kheti and Lajo village

Kheti and Lajo village
Both these villages are home to nocte and wancho tribes which are the main tribes of Khonsa as they are the majority of the region.

5. Adventure Sports in Tirap

Adventure Sports in Tirap
There are a lot of options for adventure sports that people indulge in this area like trekking, camping, mountaineering and others. It is a great retreat and an exquisite escapade a from boring and mo (Read More)notonous life.

6. Games and sports

Games and sports
People in Tirap indulge in lots of other sports besides adventure sports. There is Kiko Kham which means stilt walk played by upper part of the bamboo pole used as a foot hold and usually the tourname (Read More)nts take place during the winter season.

7. Festivals

Tirap is a place full of colourful ethnicity and there are many festivals and gatherings that take place which keep the people of this place united. Some of the famous festivals are Loku of the Nocte (Read More)tribe; Loku means oust the old season and it takes place during July/August and is a three day festival where there is dance and many other things.

8. Shopping in Tirap

Shopping in Tirap
You can buy some beautiful artifacts by the local artisans here. There is colourful jewelery and accessories for both men and women, bamboo and crane art works and many other such things which reflect (Read More) the regions culture and ethnicity.

More on Tirap Travel

Hotbed of Many Activities

Tirap is known for its natural beauty. The place in adorned with lush green orchards and is an abode to many deep green valleys, overflowing brooks, waterfalls, hills. The climate is extremely pleasant and cool. Various tribe festivals are celebrated in many parts of the district. It is also known for trekking, adventure sports and shopping artefacts.

Suggested Itinerary for Tirap

Tirap is a place well known for its ethnicity, lush greenery and the scope of adventure sports. So, if you are a person who loves nature or adventure sports or cherishes different ethnicity and cultures, then this is a place you'd enjoy. Tirap is full of lush greenery where people live with necessary facilities and simplicity. You can plan a two or three day trip to Tirap during the time of festivals or fests or sports tournaments if you would love to know more about the culture of the people here. And if you are looking for some adventure then it's up to you as to how long you might want to stay here.

Best Time to Visit Tirap

How to Reach Tirap

How to Reach Overview

Naharkatiya is the nearest railhead, while Dibrugarh houses the nearest airport. There are buses available from places like Dibrugarh, Guwahati and Tinsukia. 

How to reach Tirap by flight

The closest airport is Dibrugarh at a distance of approximately 119 Km and is well connected to Guwahati. There are flights taking off from Nahaar, Lagun, Kolkata, Itanagar to Dibrugarh. There are daily helicopter services from Dibrugarh (except Sundays) which land at the Khonsa (Tirap ) helipad once a week.

How to reach Tirap by road

You can reach Tirap by boarding a government or private buses from Tinsukia, Dibrugarh, Guwahati or other nearby cities or towns. There are bus services available at night as well. You can also opt to hire a taxi.

How to reach Tirap by train

Tirap does not have its own railway station, but the closest station is Naharkati which is approximately at a distance of 70 Km, or Tinsukia at a distance of about 110 Km, or Dibrugarh (119 Km). You can hire rental taxis from these stations to reach Tirap.

Local transport in Tirap

There are a lot of local buses following various routes you can use.

Tirap Photos

Tirap, Arunachal Pradesh
District Museum
Hanging Bridge in Khonsa
Scenic View of Tirap River

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FAQs on Tirap

What is famous about Tirap?

The place in the state of Arunachal Pradesh is surrounded by picturesque hills and lush green orchards.

What is not so good about Tirap?

Not many luxurious hotels and lodges.

Who should visit Tirap?

A place for nature and adventure enthusiasts alike. Can be visited by people looking for a cultural place in the North Eastern part of India. 

What is the best time to visit Tirap?

The weather differs from region to region in this place due to the mountainous region. However, the months from March to June are an ideal time to visit Tirap.
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What is the local food in Tirap?

People in Tirap generally eat rice, fish, meat and green vegetables. With the variations of tribes and there own eating habits there are many other cuisines to try. There is also a very special drink popular all over Arunachal Pradesh, "Apong" which is a beer made from rice and is available in different flavors.
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What is the best way to reach Tirap?

Naharkatiya is the nearest railhead, while Dibrugarh houses the nearest airport. There are buses available from places like Dibrugarh, Guwahati and Tinsukia. 

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What are the things to do in Tirap?

The top things to do in Tirap are District museum, Khonsa museum, Khonsa waterfall, Kheti and Lajo village, Adventure Sports in Tirap, Games and sports. You can see all the places to visit in Tirap here

What are the places near Tirap?

The top places near to Tirap are Changlang which is 26 km from Tirap, Khonsa which is located 3 km from Tirap, Tinsukia which is located 57 km from Tirap, Mon which is located 58 km from Tirap, Majuli which is located 135 km from Tirap

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