Islamic Art inside Rauza Sharif Rauza Sharif

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Rauza Sharif, Sirhind Overview

Rauza Sharif is also known as Dargah of Shaikh Ahmad Faruqi Sirhindi. He is more popularly known as Mujaddid, Alf Sani. It is a significant site of tourist attraction in Sirhind, owing to its historical importance and architectural beauty. It is often regarded as the second Mecca among Sunni Muslims. The Shaikh lived in this place during the times of Akbar and Jahangir, and he is held in very high esteem among his community. Rauza Sharif, his mausoleum, is flocked by thousands of pilgrims from various parts of the globe to take part in the Urs of Shaikh Ahmad Sirhindi every year.

Architecture and Other Attractions

Islamic Art inside Rauza Sharif

Rauza Sharif has several tombs in its vicinity, belonging to the family members of Shaikh Ahmad. It also features the tombs of the Afghan ruler Shah Zaman, along with his Queen. This historical monument flaunts beautiful arches and splendid domes. The main mausoleum building is made of bricks that are partly overlaid with marble and stone. A heavy influence of the Muslim architecture is reflected from the style of this structure. The Dargah’s interior exhibits various designs and the walls flaunt carvings of famous religious lines that were penned by Shaikh Ahmad Sirhindi. The Dargah also comprises of a Gurudwara which was built to commemorate the brave youngsters who sacrificed their lives when asked to give up their religion for Islam.

Best Time to Visit & Entry Fee to Rauza Sharif

Rauza Sharif

The best time to visit Rauza Sharif is during the Urs of Shaikh Ahman Sirhindi, which is held every year in August. The Urs celebrations have been taking place for more than 300 years now. It is an occasion for festivities and celebrations and sees participation from thousands of visitors each year, especially from the Muslims of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other nearby Muslim countries. It marks the death anniversary of the Mujaddid. It is a day-long fair, and the medieval structure comes alive with decorations and devotees.

The Jor Mela is also organised in Rauza Sharif every year in December. Various historical incidents associated with the structure are depicted and celebrated during this occasion. Being a place of religious importance, there is no entry fee charged to visit the Rauza Sharif and its tombs.

How to Reach Rauza Sharif

Rauza Sharif is located at a distance of 5 km from the city’s centre. Travellers can hire a private taxi or even opt for an auto rickshaw to reach Rauza Sharif.

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