Mata Chakreshvari Devi Jain Temple

Mata Chakreshvari Devi Jain Temple , Sirhind Overview

The Mata Chakreshvari Devi Jain Temple is a famous temple of the Goddess Chakreshvari. It is also called the Mata Shri Chakreshvari Devi Jain Tirth. This ancient temple is located in the Attewali village of Sirhind and is believed to be more than a thousand years old. The inception of this temple has a fascinating legend associated with it, and its glory is increasing by the day. There is an annual function held at this temple for three days after Dusshera. Hundreds of pilgrims pay a visit to the Mata Chakreshvari Temple during this time.

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Major Attractions of the Mata Chakreshvari Devi Jain Temple

The Mata Chakreshvari Devi Jain temple has emerged as a full-fledged pilgrim destination over the years. The ancient idol of Mata Chakreshvari Devi remains at the same spot. However, there have been recent additions of several facilities such as boarding and lodging. There are talks of having a Lord Aadinath temple being built in the vicinity. One wall of the Mata Chakreshvari Devi Jain temple flaunts intricate glass work that beautifully depicts the spiritual powers of the presiding deity. The water from the temple well is regarded as sacred as the water of River Ganga. Many devotees carry some home and put in efforts to preserve the same.

Legend of Mata Chakreshvari Devi Jain Temple

Legend has it that, a huge number of pilgrims from Rajasthan had embarked upon a journey to the ancient Jain temple of Kangra to seek blessings from Lord Aadinath. They were travelling in bullock carts and were carrying an idol of Mata Chakreshvari Devi. She was regarded as an ardent worshipper of the Lord Adityanath, also going by the names of Adishthanayak Devi of Lord Adityanath or Shasan Devi. The pilgrim caravan had halted at Sirhind, at the present site of the temple, for their overnight stay. The following morning when everyone was set to resume their journey, the rath that was carrying the idol of Shri Mata Chakreshvari did not budge despite all the efforts of the devotees. 
The pilgrims were left perplexed at the turn of events and were debating among themselves when the palki with the idol got flooded with a bright light. It is believed that there was an Aakashvani or celestial announcement. “Let this be my place of abode.” The devotees tried explaining their previous night’s misery to the deity - the lack of water and ubiquitous sand. They begged her to reconsider her choice of abode. Mata Chakreshvari then guided her devotees to a nearby piece of land, which when dug would provide an abundance of water. The devotees were extraordinarily pleased and thus, fixed the idol of Mata Chakreshvari Devi at that site and built her a beautiful temple. To this day in the present, the water from that Tank is considered to be highly sacred and is carried home by many.

Best Time to Visit Mata Chakreshvari Devi Jain Temple

There is an annual three-day fair held at the Mata Chakreshvari Jain Temple in the month of Kartik. The temple witnesses a huge number of devotees during the fair. It is also the best time to see the temple in all its glory. The Sikhs, too, hold the temple in great reverence as Diwan Todar Mal was an ardent devotee of Mata Chakreshvari Devi.

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