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Samdrup Jongkhar Tourism

Samdrup Jongkhar is a small town in South-Eastern Bhutan and is located at the border of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Its proximity to the Indian border with multiple Indian shopkeepers and hawkers setting up shops here makes it one of the largest urban centres of Bhutan.

Samdrup Jongkhar, a beautiful hill-station with elevations ranging from 200m to 3,500m, and is said to be the oldest town in Bhutan. An essential economic zone of Bhutan, the primary source of livelihood over here is coal mining. Since it's close to Assam, people from Assam come here for trading, and many of the shops found here are established by Indians.

The food here is an exquisite variety of Chinese, Bhutanese and Indian restaurants, along with charming little cafes in this quaint paradise. While the place is not very crowded with tourists, there are still some tourist destinations where you can enjoy and have a good time. Some of the must-visit locations are Mithun-Breeding Farm(a cattle-breeding farm), Zangtopelri Lhakhang(monastery), Hanumaan mandir NK Darranga(Hindu Temple), Dratshang(house of monks) and Dewathang(ancient battleground).

The climate is pleasant, and in summers, the area receives plenty of rainfall. Samdrup Jongkhar is the best place to purchase Indian made clothes and dry food items. For shopping, there's a Mella Bazar which is very famous among the locals and tourists. The Bazaar sells all kinds of daily livelihood stuff. Away from city lights, life is slow here, and you see the simplicity of living away from developed cities - simple and happy. This is the perfect place to visit if you want to experience peace at its finest.

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Samdrup Jongkhar Highlights

1. Zangto Pelri Lhakhang

Zangto Pelri Lhakhang
A prominent monastery in Samdrup Jongkhar.

2. Bhairav Kunda Shiva Mandir

Bhairav Kunda Shiva Mandir
Located in the remote town of Jomotshangkha (in Samdrup Jongkhar district), this holy place is believed to be endowed with Lord Shiva's presence. There is a cave where, as the locals believe, Lord Shi (Read More)va meditated for years. The temple, apart from being a sacred Hindu temple, is also a place to soothe your mind. The view from the temple is gorgeous, amplifying the serene vibe of this holy temple. Above all, it is a sacred and pious place believed to be the Lord Shiva's site of meditation.

3. Hanuman Mandir NK Darranga

Hanuman Mandir NK Darranga
Situated near the border, it's a nice place to spend your evening. Run by both Bhutanese and Assamese devotees, the temple witnesses grand celebrations around Hanuman Jayanti, the birthday of Lord Han (Read More)umana. A popular Hindu temple, this site offers peace and serenity to one's mind.

More on Samdrup Jongkhar


Tshangla or Sharchopkha. Very few people speak English.


Samdrup Jongkhar served as a major route to enter into Bhutan from India, used by the British to enter the country from Sikkim. Now, a major town in Southern Bhutan, the road from Samdrup connects south and east of the country, i.e, Trashigang which benefits the locals in trading across the Indian border.


If you want to shop, then do it from the Mella Bazar on the outskirts of the town since the goods are sold at much more reasonable price. Also, it's better if you learn a few common terms in the local language as English is not widely spoken.


As it is a small village, the nightlife is not very happening. There are no clubs or pubs in the town, and it's preferred if you spend the night in a hotel only without expecting any significant activity on the streets.


Mella Bazar near the border gate is an Indian market where you can buy Bhutanese and Indian Souvenirs and enjoy North-Eastern delicacies of India. The goods are cheaper here as compared to rest of Samdrup. You can get wooden crafts, clothes, fruits, dry fruits and some essential commodities in this market.

Third most populated town in Bhutan

Samdrup Jongkhar, although being underdeveloped and far from pollution, is the third most populated town in Bhutan, with a population of around 30,800. It is an essential economic and financial centre of the country and a prominent site of coal mining. It is referred to as "little sister" of Phuentsholing because both of the cities' architecture resemble with each other.


Dzala, Chocangacakha and Kurtop are the majorly spoken languages.


The religion in the majority is Buddhism, like the rest of Bhutan. Sharchops (populations of mixed Tibetan, Southeast Asian and South Asian) dominate the town.

Samdrup Jongkhar Photos

Samdrup Jongkhar
Scenic View of Samdrup Jongkhar
Cityscape View of Beautiful Samdrup Jongkhar
Zangto Pelri Lhakhang in Samdrup Jongkhar

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FAQs on Samdrup Jongkhar

What is famous about Samdrup jongkhar?

The atmosphere is peaceful and serene and a good place to relax.

What is famous about Samdrup jongkhar?

The scenery is beautiful, peaceful and quiet, away from chaos.

What is not so good about Samdrup jongkhar?

Not many tourist sites, poor transportation, very few hotels.

What is not so good about Samdrup jongkhar?

No marketplace, very few choices in hotels, limited transportation within the city.

What is the best time to visit Samdrup jongkhar?

Like the rest of Bhutan, March to May (spring) is the best time to visit Samdrup Jongkhar when it's neither too cold nor too hot. September to November during the fall season is a pleasant time to visit this lovely town. The temperature ranges from 5-25 degree Celsius. Nights are colder. During summers from June - August, the temperature may soar up to 35-degree Celsius with humidity in the air. Nights and morning, however, are colder than noons. Winters from December to February are rough, and you may not want to visit the town during this period.
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What is the local food in Samdrup jongkhar?

There is a great deal of both Indian and Bhutanese cuisine. Hotel Sharma and Hotel Shambhala are good restaurants that serve Indian food. You will find Ema Datshi commonly served here. Pa is also a common Bhutanese dish abundantly found here. Pema Bakery serves bakery items like cakes, pastries etc. For drinks and beverages, Tashi Gasel Lodge is good place which serves decent drinks.
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What is the best way to reach Samdrup jongkhar?

Paro hosts the only international airport of Bhutan, from where one can hire a taxi to reach Samdrup Jongkhar, which is about an 11-hour journey. Bus services are available from Mongar, Trashigang and Phuentsholing, which can be reached by bus from the capital city, Thimphu.
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What are the places near Samdrup jongkhar?

The top places near to Samdrup jongkhar are Thimpu which is 199 km from Samdrup jongkhar, Punakha which is located 183 km from Samdrup jongkhar, Paro which is located 218 km from Samdrup jongkhar, Phobjikha valley which is located 143 km from Samdrup jongkhar, Trongsa which is located 125 km from Samdrup jongkhar

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