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Saiha is known as the fastest growing town in Mizoram, as the population has significantly risen in the last decade. Saiha is a census town in the Saiha district in Mizoram located at an average height of 729 meters above sea level. This town is considered to be a haven for angling enthusiasts.

Revealing the mystery behind the name of the town, the name of the town was originally Siaha where 'Sia' stands for elephant and 'ha' meaning tooth - An elephant tooth. But the Mizos traditionally call it Saiha.

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2 months ago by Devyani Chandra

- Have a guide with you or make a well researched plan for yourself and only then embark on to your trip.
- The food facilities are not up to date in Saiha, hence carry food packets with you while to visit this location.
- There is not a lot of sightseeing in this district, except for the Palak Wildlife Sanctuary and the Palak Dil.

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One Day Itinerary

Visit the splendid Palak Wildlife Sanctuary and then subsequently the Palak Dil. Have a nice journey!

Mizoram is a delightful place for non vegetarians to be in. Mizos love to binge on non vegetarian delicacies. There are no major restaurants or food chains in Saiha, hence one can only resort to the options available in Aizawl, 170 kms away from Sahit. Though one can find quite a few roadside stalls in the town of Saiha district.

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