Mokoia Island, Rotorua Overview

In the middle of Lake Rotorua in New Zealand is the beautiful island of Mokoia which stays uninhabited but has now turned into a popular tourist spot of the country. It is a sacred land of the Te Arawa tribe and presents the tourists with stunning views of the island, including bird watch and guided tours. This island is also a sanctuary for New Zealand’s endangered species ranging from birds to wildlife and is dipped in stories of the locals and the history of the place to be uncovered.

Wrapped in the heart of Lake Rotorua and amidst beautiful flora and fauna of the country of New Zealand is the Island of Mokoia. This island is sacred to the Maori tribe and is known as the green jewel of Te Takiwa Wajariki. Along with wildlife, this land is also known for its legend and history and remains an uninhabited island at present. Mokoia Island is a sanctuary for the wild and is home to many endangered species of wildlife and birds of New Zealand. It is laced with geothermal springs near the shores, one of which is the famous Hinemoa’s Pool where the visitor can enjoy a hot dip. This island is at present owned by the local tribes and the Department of Conservation who has taken charge of the island’s preservation for the generations to arrive.

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Activities on Mokoia Island

Jet Rides

Jet rides are the only passage for the visitors to the island and back, and this 30-minute journey itself is a fantastic experience with the thrilling jet spins and water splashing.
Cultural and Geographical Indulgence

On reaching the island, one can enjoy the view of this picturesque island while learning about the rich history and culture of this place and spot exotic species of bird in the time for bird watching. Mokoia Island is a hotspot for the geography enthusiasts as it is a Rhyolite Lava Dome, rising to 180 meters above the lake surface and formed as a result of the high volcanic activity here.

The Backstory

The island has borne witness to its fair share of battles over the years, the marks of which can still be found here. However, more than the battles, it is the legend associated with this place, which grabs the eyeballs of the visitors. It is said that once a young Maori warrior by the name of Tutanekai lived on this island and his lover Hinemoa, daughter of a chief, lived on the shores of the lake. After Hinemoa’s father forbid her to meet Tutanekei, she decided to swim to him in the dark of the night, guided by the voice of his flute. This love story is of considerable significance to the people here and is still passed on from generation to generation.

How To Reach Mokoia Island

Jet Boat

To visit this place, one has to take a jet boat across Lake Rotorua, and it is the only way in and out of the island, with permission from the DOC and landowners.

The ‘Wai Ora Jet Boat’ cruise along with the Katoa jets and K-jets offer such rides to the island. 

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