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Timings : 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Time Required : 3-4 hours

Entry Fee : Adult - NZD $22 to NZD $300
Child - NZD $9 to NZD $48 ( below 15 years)

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Polynesian Spa, Rotorua Overview

Polynesian Spa, nature's gift to Rotorua is an iconic geothermal mineral bathing luxury spa retreat, having exclusive access to acidic as well as alkaline natural mineral springs. This Spa has 28 mineral pools at the backyard wherein the water is channelled from the two natural springs - one acidic and the other alkaline. This dual effect while nourishing the skin also provides relief to the tired muscles and to the aches and pains. Polynesian Spa also features hydrotherapy and a reflexology walk, Polynesian Spa houses 4 bathing areas to look after and fulfil the needs and requirements of different types of guests - the Deluxe lake spa, Adult pools and Priest Spa, Private pools and Family spa.

Polynesian Spa specialises in a variety of health and wellness treatment, combining the age-old healing practices with today's modern techniques. To have the maximum gain from the indulgent retreat experience, 3 hours time at least is recommended at Polynesian Spa, so that one can have the pleasure of enjoying a hot mineral bath, required treatment and therapy and finally complete relaxation at the lounge. For an extra pampering, Polynesian Spa offers beauty treatments also. The time spent at Polynesian Spa restores the balance of body and soul -  you will surely thank yourself for it.

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Offerings and Facilities

The Deluxe Lake Spa
The Deluxe Lake Spa overlooking Lake Rotorua is the typically essential luxury bathing area. It comprises of 4 geothermal hot mineral pools, 1 cold plunge pool for relaxation, an outdoor relaxation area equipped with 5 geothermally heated recliners, well provided changing facilities wherein are included towels, soap, secured lockers, shampoo and hair dryers. 


Adult swimming gear is available on hire at a fee of NZD $10 out of which NZD $5 is refunded when returned. One can also purchase swim gear at the on-site spa essentials shop.  

Adult pools and Priest Spa
This is an outdoor and semi-outdoor area wherein the entry is for adults only. Guests can nourish and revive their skin and can relax their aching tired muscles in a calm and relaxed environment. This area comprises of 3 marble lined pools, one larger deeper pool and 3  Priest Spa pools, wherein water is channelled from Priest's spring - well known for its therapeutic properties. 

Private pools
This area is for intimate and peaceful bathing while enjoying the panoramic views over Lake Rotorua. These private pools have heated flooring and each has its own changing room and shower. Each private pool is available for 30 minutes duration and a minimum of 2 people is a prerequisite.

Family Spa
This is the area, for a fun and relaxing family experience which boasts of a toddler area and lifeguard at hand. It provides entertainment for children and hot mineral bathing for the entire family. This is the most energetic pool area. It includes 1 large freshwater chlorinated pool with a small hydro slide and 3 hot mineral pools wherein the entire family can relax together.


Local Maori recognised the therapeutic advantages of the water and took a bath for centuries in the acidic pool 'Te Pupunitanga'  now called 'Priest's bath'. In 1878 a Catholic priest named Father Mohoney, hearing of this came and got his arthritis almost cured after bathing for months in this pool. This gained an international reputation for the pool leading to the opening of bathhouses.

The Polynesian Spa was opened in 1882 with the first bathhouse - the Pavilion bathhouse. Ward's bath was the next one in 1931 and these earlier baths were run by the government. In 1972 the then government leased Ward's bath to Polynesian Pools Ltd. and the Spa came to be known as the Polynesian Spa.

Remains and elements of early buildings and baths have been retained and preserved at Polynesian Spa. This site is registered by the New Zealand historic places trust.

How To Reach Polynesian Spa

The Polynesian Spa is nestled on the calm shores of Lake Rotorua. It is a 10 minutes drive from the airport and a 2 minutes drive from the bus terminal. 

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