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Kerosene Creek, Rotorua Overview

Staying true to Roturua’s endless collection of geothermal locations, Kerosene Creek is a lovely destination that attracts locals and tourists throughout the year. After all, who doesn’t like to take a dip in a naturally-heated warm pool of water and rinse off their week’s stress from the body and the mind.

Located 35 minutes south of the main city of Rotorua, Kerosene Creek is a great location to drive to with your friends and family on a weekend you have nothing else to do. Hot water from an underground spring bubbles away and makes it to the surface to mingle with the cool water of the creek, thus creating lovely lukewarm water in the stream - perfect for bathing.
Other than being free of cost, the best part about Kerosene Creek is the utterly natural setting it is situated in. Bushes grow into the stream from the two banks, and branches of high trees bend and almost touch the water surface as the stream cascades down a small, 2 metres natural waterfall.

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Things to Do

  • For anyone who loves to be in nature’s close quarters, this place is quite a heaven tailor-made on earth. The tepid water is lovely to take a dip in and spend an hour or so soaking in the warmth of it all - it does wonders for rejuvenation of the body and mind.
  • Over the years, regulars who visit Kerosene Creek have gathered smooth rocks, eroded and flattened by the force of water and set them near the waterfalls to make their own little pools of water, and also to rest the shoulders on. 
  • You can also pack a small picnic box and drink wine or beer, settling yourself on the banks of the stream. Just remember to bring your trash back with you and not leave it there. 


  • There have been quite a few cases of vehicle theft. So when you park your car, if it is going to be left unattended, then make sure to lock it securely and roll up all the windows. Do not leave any valuables behind in the car.
  • Carry your wallet, phone, keys and other valuables in a waterproof pouch down to the stream. It is much safer than leaving it elsewhere.
  • Do not put your head under the water, as it is the case with most thermal pools. 
  • Visit during daylight hours for safety reasons. 
  • Do not leave any trash at the scene. Carry everything back with you. Protecting the environment and saving it for the generations to come is everyone’s duty.

How To Reach Kerosene Creek

  • If you drive south for 30 minutes on the highway to Taupo, leave the left turn to Marupara and Lake Ngahewa on your right, and take the next left 500 metres ahead.
  • At the crossing, a signpost would say Old Waiotapu Road. A couple of meteres ahead from here, stop and park your car on the grass verge, and follow the trail down a few hundred metres to the pool. 

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