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Te Puia, Rotorua Overview

TePuia is the hub of New Zealand’s Maori culture and thermal hot springs. It covers an area of 70 hectares in the Whakarewarewa Valley, located at the edge of town in Rotorua. It houses the world-renowned Pohutu geyser, followed by hot springs, mud pots, silica formations, and much more. There are national schools of wood carving, stone and bone carving, and weaving.

TePuia houses a massive 60 hectares of geothermal hot springs. The place is located just five minutes from Rotorua central city, in Whakarewarewa valley. It is an iconic destination for visitors. It serves as home to the endangered species Kiwi. You will see these birds up close here and learn how they protect these nocturnal flightless birds. The world-famous Pohutu geyser erupts almost 20 times a day. It is also known as the Prince of Wales Four Feathers geysers. TePuia also consists of the New Zealand Maori Arts and Crafts Institute. It serves the role of a guardian (kaitiaki) to the traditional Maori skills of carving and weaving for the upcoming generations. The prices start at $56 for guided tours.

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Pohutu Geyser
This is the largest active geyser in the entire region of Southern hemisphere. This steam gushing lady erupts once or even twice every hour. The water gushes up to a height of almost 30 metres at times. The eruptions can last from a few minutes to much longer. It is the most reliable geyser on Earth. You can witness 20 eruptions in the entire day. Pohutu translates to constant splashing in 2. Maori.

Papakura geyser
It was once the star of the show in the Whakarewarewa valley. People say that if it hadn’t been dormant then it still would have been just as famous as Pohutu. It used to erupt frequently and consistently up to a height of 9 feet.

Ngarara Tuatara
In this valley, hundreds of geothermal hot pools have been used by people for cooking, washing, bathing and also for preparing flax. This is a cooking pool and is used for preparing a local dish called Ingo. The geothermal steam adds a unique flavor to the food.

Meet the extraordinary and endangered brown kiwi here at TePuia. It has strong legs, a long beak and sharp claws. It has shaggy feathers and is regarded by the Maori as the endangered bird. The Maoris here are a part of a national program to protect kiwis. The ecosystem here is delicate and they are contributing to biodiversity and pest management programs.

Maori Architecture
These tell the stories of the Maori people and also convey their artistry. Heavenly Origins is an amazing piece of Maori artwork standing strong at the entrance of TePuia. You will spot Marae which is a traditional gathering niche. It contains beautiful buildings with carvings on them. 

Puia Pa
It is an ancient site of fortified village which shows how Maori ancestors lived in the ancient times. The Roto Whio Marae is also a stunning example of Maori architecture.

TePuia Maori Arts and Crafts Institute
You can gain entry to this renowned institute if you opt for a guided tour. This institute is responsible for acting as a guardian to the Maori skills of carving and weaving for the future generations to come.

Evening Maori Cultural Performance
Experience an evening filled with culture, music, movement and food. Watch an energetic traditional Maori dance performance inside a carved Maori meeting house.

How To Reach Te Puia

Rotorua doesn’t have an international airport but it does have a domestic one serving major parts of the country. You can reach Auckland and then catch a bus ride from Auckland to Rotorua. You can get a bus ride offered by the Rotorua City Ride from Rotorua CBD to TePuia. Great Sights New Zealand also offers bus transport.

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