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Appian Way is considered to be the oldest highway in Europe and one of the strategically important roads in Rome. It served as the primary road that helped in the transport of military equipment, food items and other resources to other cities in the empire. It connects Rome to Brindisi in southern Italy and other small cities on the way. Known as the “Queen of Roads” as it was a 300 mile long road that was constructed at a time where no other major roads existed, that is 312 BC.

Most of the Appian road is outside the city but one of the best sites to visit in the country. The road is very well preserved considering it was made in the before christ era. It is made from huge flat stones that have been fixed so well on the earth by centuries of passing motor vehicles on them. Walking on it means you are walking on the same road as Julius Caesar did in his time, and so did other important rulers of different eras. To preserve it even more well and give it a special touch, the area around the first 10 miles have been converted to a park with other historical ruins around.

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The main purpose to construct this road was to provide a route for military supplies as those times several wars were incoming. It acted as a master road which connected the most important city to other small cities and villages.

Appius Claudius Caecus, the censor at the time of 312 BC, began the construction of this road. As the years proceeded, the road was extended to different parts and villages of the country.


  1. It is recommended to wear shoes as you would cover the road by foot only in the park.
  2. Since it is outside the city, it is advised to carry a bottle of water and some snacks as you might find difficulty in finding a good restaurant.

How to Reach Appian Way

Take a metro to the station of Piramide and then take bus numbered 118 and then get off at the stop Catacombs of San Callisto.

Or you can hire a cab or taxi to reach there as it is not in the city centre and public transport would be difficult.

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