Hajjar Mountains, Ras Al Khaimah Overview

Hajar Mountains serves as a majestic backdrop to the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah adding to the bag of its natural beauty.

The majestic Hajar Mountains are a major part of the emirate adding to its scenic beauty and being one of a major attraction for locals and tourists. With its highest point directing in north, the range slopes into the sea. The area known as ïRuÍus Al-JibalÍ, meaning ïHeads of the MountainsÍ, is further surrounded by endless cover of desert and rust-coloured sand dunes. The Hajar Mountains features the greatest exposure of igneous rock from the oceanic crust surface area offering a magnificent view of the desert from its top. Jabal Yibir is the highest point of the mountains (1537 m) and is a favourite hot spot for geologists.

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