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Tags : Trekking & Hiking

Timings : 24 hours

Time Required : 2-3 hrs

Entry Fee : AED 3 per person

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Wadi Shawka, Ras-al-Khaimah, Ras Al Khaimah Overview

Wadi Shawka is a popular hiking destination in Ras-al-Khaimah and is considered to be an exploration hike because the trail offers an all-in-one experience like off-road drives, pool dips, natural springs, greenery and the mountains. One can venture out to the Shawka trail because of its challenging route and the picturesque beauty of mountains as the backdrop.

Wadi Shawka has proved to be one of the most recommended hiking, camping and picnic spot located just 92 km from Dubai. The hike can inevitably prove to be a contrasting experience which allows you to explore little villages, meet the locals, walk along the transformative landscape or enjoy a barbecue on the banks of Wadi Shawka.

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Exploration Hiking

Wadi Shawka is an excellent start for those at the beginner level of hiking. Getting to Wadi Shawka is very easy with the help of GPS. There are two routes if you are looking for a hiking experience.

Route 1: One course is about 10 km which starts with the Shawka dam and ends with it. This route is a flat path which takes you in between the small hills of Shawka. Make sure that you carry enough water and food for the hike as many are unable to apprehend the length of this route.

Route 2: The second is a lesser-known route. You will find yourself amidst hills, natural pools, and streams of water. You can also take a dip in the pool as the water is very refreshing and clean. The course is adorned by wildflowers, plantations, palm trees, bushes, and you might also encounter wild donkeys and snakes. Also, remember that there is no loop in this trail. Hence, you will need to take a U-turn on the route to get back to the initial point. The hike usually takes up to 3.3 hours.

Camping at Wadi Shawka

An overnight camping scene in Wadi Shawka is the perfect opportunity to explore desert camping amidst the starry night in Wadi Shawka. You can book your camping session through several camping rental companies. It is better to book it offline. These rental companies provide with all the camping equipment like tents and cooking vessels. You can either book the entire package or select items in the list provided to you and pay for them individually.

Activities at Wadi Shawka

Off-roading: People have highly appreciated the off-road journey by a car. The valleys, hills, and rock formations add up to the adventure of this drive. The best part of this drive is that the place is isolated. Hence you do not need to worry about gearing up your engine and can drive uninterrupted.

Canyoning: You can use a variety of techniques to walk into the valleys or canyons like, scrambling and climbing to enjoy every bit of this place.

Cycling or Biking: You can rent a bike and pedal your legs out in the rugged terrain of Wadi Shawka. Make sure that you ride carefully as the path is full of stones, pebbles, and rocks.

Picnic: If you are not interested in doing any of the above activities, you can visit Wadi Shawka with your family and enjoy an outing by the dam/lakeside. There is also a park available for children to play in.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Wadi Shawka is between December and March when the temperature is neither too high nor too low. Because of this, you will be able to enjoy the desert visit at any time of the day.


1. There are no food joints, and water suppliers available around Wadi Shawka. Hence, do carry enough food and water for the hike.
2. There is also a scarcity of shady places so put on the right amount of sunscreen and also carry a hat.
3. You need to carry hiking shoes to avoid any inconvenience while hiking.
4. While taking dips in the pools be careful not to slip as the ground inside the pools tends to get slippery at some places.
5. Beware of snakes in the desert. Some of them might be poisonous. Try not to panic as it can speed up your heart rate, or suck the wound, or tie a knot on the wound. Search for a nearby hospital and get treated as soon as possible.
6. You will also come across many other animals like donkeys, goats, camels, scorpions, and birds. It is advisable not to attempt to feed, chase or kill them.
7. Do keep in mind that there ought to be several farms around the area of your visit. Hence, make sure that you respect the farmers and not be loud especially at night.
8. Respect the natural beauty and do not leave any trash behind.

How To Reach Wadi Shawka

There is no public transport which can get you to Wadi Shawkat. One will have to take a private vehicle or a hired cab to reach the destination.

From Ras Al Khaimah City (95 kms): 

It is located 1.5 hours from Ras Al Khaimah City. Get on to E18 or the Al Manama- Ras Al Khaimah Road and continue on the same highway till you reach the E88 crossing, take a right on E88 (Al Dhaid-Masafi Rd) and take the first left before the Adnoc Gas Station. There will a sign leading to Wadi Shawka anyway. Once on that road, take the first right and continue on the same road for another 24kms. 

From Dubai (92 kms):
Get on the Sharjah-Dubai Highway (E102) and take a left on the Shawka intersection.

From Sharjah (83 kms):
Get on the Sharjah-Dubai Highway (E102) and take a left on the Shawka intersection.


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