Desert Safari In Ras-Al-Khaimah - An Enthralled Journey Along The Sand Dunes

Whenever it comes to UAE the first and the foremost thing that strikes the mind and gets embossed in front of our eyes are the crispy golden sand dunes of the Arabian desert. The hot humid breezes of the sea flowing from over the sandy granules deserve a standing applause for creating the perfect soft brown mounds of deserted sand. These mounds are the one that has created the platform for the most exciting and adventurous activity on the lands of desert, especially the deserts of Arab countries. This excursion has become an important part of every traveler’s “Must See” checklist of adventures. So no more surprises and let me introduce you to the exhilarating desert outdoor activity popularly known as the “Desert Safari” in the world.

Desert safari is also known as “Dune Bashing” which is an exciting ride on the 4 wheels drive off road vehicles like jeep or a Cruiser gliding over the ups and downs of the sandy hills that gives the thrilling experience along with some tickling in your stomach.

Desert safari has also got many other twinkling attractions along with the thrilling ride such as camping in the typical traditional Arabic tents, enjoying the Emirati cuisine and blowing the flavorful hookah like an Arab King. 

Under the night sky, the stars will also get dimmed against the sparkling lively belly dance performances by the glamorous Arabic beauties flaunting in their most curvy style. At last get yourself soaked into the peace of serene desert breeze, forget the worldly worries and feel the oneness with nature.

desert safari in Ras - al - Khaimah

Ras – Al – Khaimah – An Overview

Talking about the Emirates that make up the UAE, one of the most popular names is of Ras – Al – Khaimah. The 7000 years old emirate city on the banks of Arabian Gulf has got many natural gifts to boast of in the world such as the highest mountain in the whole of UAE and on the contrary a 62 kilometer long white sandy beach. Ras – Al – Khaimah is also one of the largest producers of more than 18 different types of dates in UAE and a home to arty royal forts and castles still in live state and a fantastic visual treats for history travelers.     

But what makes the best memory in Ras – Al – Khaimah is of the thrilling desert safari accompanied by a desert camping on this sandy land. This article will provide you with the latest updated information about “When, How and Where” to go for desert Safari in Ras – Al – Khaimah. Additionally you will find some helpful tips that will let you enjoy the safari expedition to the fullest without any worries.  

Ras – Al – Khaimah’s Climate – When It Is Most Welcoming

This Emirate of UAE enjoys a strong shower of bright golden rays of the Sun for all the 365 days which rises the temperature to 41- 45 degree Celsius in Summers. Though a desert area but because of its location in the middle of the sea waters, the average temperature falls to 27 degree Celsius. Inspite of the scarcely receiving rainfall the climate feels pleasant due to the soft humid breeze of the sea waters. All these climatic elements make Ras – Al – Khaimah a perfect destination to chill out away from the cities’ hustle and bustle.   

However to be on the safer side, it is advisable to avoid Summers at Ras – Al – Khaimah as the highest temperature during this season reaches up to 45 degree Celsius and even more. Such weather is definitely not acceptable for outdoor adventures. So for a pleasant trip to this desert land you can book your tickets for the month of November till March.    

A day reserved for desert safari offers three different time options in an entire day to go for dune bashing. These are the morning safari, afternoon safari and evening safari. So as per your other plans or the taste of time, you can decide and book the safari voyage in advance to avoid any confusions or last minute housefull. Also one can plan for an entire day in the desert by opting for a customized desert safari trip with the vendors.

Desert Safari At Ras - Al - Khaimah - How To Reach

At a distance of just 1 – 1.5 hours drive (based on traffic) from Dubai Airport, one can easily reach the destination by boarding up a car straight from Dubai to Ras – Al – Khaimah via the E311 highway. A good connectivity of the roads from RAK to other Emirates of UAE makes it easy to navigate to Ras – Al – Khaimah.

One can also take up the public bus transport called ‘Al Hamra bus’ from the Union bus station of Dubai to RAK. However this trip can take almost 2 hours to reach.

A flight from Dubai or Doha to RAK airport, located 20 kilometers away from the main town is also one of the options to reach here.

Desert Safari Vendors in Ras - Al - Khaimah

Though there are not many vendors that offer the desert safari package but the ones offering it provides the best quality safari travel package. Many of the hotels and resorts also organize the desert safari voyage for its guests. Some of the popular, best and trustworthy desert safari travel planners include:
  • Rayna tours
  • Viator
  • Get your guide
  • Yas tours
  • Grayline
  • Safarak Tours
  • Arooha tours
The desert camping organizers like Bedouin camps or the resorts and hotel in Ras - Al - Khaimah also organises and offers customised safari packages.  

Desert Safari – The Package

  • Itinerary
Pick up from the hotel in the 4 Wheel Drive AC jeep, SUV or a land cruiser and curiously thinking about the upcoming adventure all the way to the desert.

At the desert – get a roller coaster ride into the jeep for the perfect adrenaline rush. Also enjoy other accompanied activities or just stroll around under the falling sky or simply witness the sunrise/ sunset according to your time of visit.

Drop off back to the hotel or any place in Ras – Al – Khaimah while enjoying the scenic landscapes of Ras – Al – Khaimah if it is not dark enough to get the proper view.

  • Time duration
The entire half day desert safari lasts for around 6 to 7 hours starting from pick up till drop. This duration can differ as per the customized plan or an overnight stay at the camp - site.

the pick up time also varies as per the package selected and the operator who have hired for the safari.
  • For an early morning desert safari, the ride will come to pick up between 07:00 – 08:00 AM.
  • The afternoon pick up will be between 03:00 – 04:00 PM
  • The evening or an overnight safari package will have pick up time after 06:00 PM

  • Cost
An adult costs around 150 to 200 AED while the entry of infants below the age of 3 years is free of cost. However children above 3 years of age are charged about 90 to 120 AED. These fees are refunded on cancellation of the tour only if it is cancelled 1 or 2 days before the date of tour (limit varies as per the tour operator)

The prices vary as per the tour operator and the package selected based on duration or pick up or drop location and the amenities provided at the safari camp.

One can also special discounts available on online booking, mass booking or during off season travelling. Check out for any such discounts and offers on the official website of respective tour operators. Some tour operators offer discounts on children seat when accompanied by 2 adults.

At The Desert Safari – What To Do In The Middle Of Desert

The real fun lies here. After all the excitement and the curiosity controlled all the way from hotel till the sight of the brown crust it’s time to let your adrenaline charged up along with the roller coaster ride on 4WD of the jeep. A weird mix of emotions full of fear, excitement, adventure, thrills and of course the butterflies flying and tickling your stomach is an unmatchable experience to have with your family and friends.

After an exhilarating jumping and gliding session, the deserts of Ras – Al – Khaimah await you for some more lively and relishing activities. Below is a list of the activities that can be pre or post followed to the desert safari ride.

  • Camel Ride
Get over the back of this humpy beast and travel through the sands with a feel of the Sultans of Arabs. With the slow yet grand ride over the Ship of the Desert possibilities are there that you might discover the royal treasure hidden beneath the sand dunes.

camel ride at Ras - al - Khaimah

  • Satisfiers For Tummies
Grab a hot cup of the famous Arabic coffee after the royal camel ride and relax on the sand beds. You can also enjoy the traditional welcome drinks, soft drinks as well as alcoholic beverages at the camp - site.

Be patient and wait for the BBQ to get the perfect roast and smoke and you will be served with the scrumptious BBQ under the falling sky.

It is almost impossible to complete the trip to Middle East deserts without eating the variety of Arabic dates. You can also enjoy the hookah blowing, better known as ‘Sheesha’ in Middle East, just like a true Arab Sheikh. (But do not forget that smoking is injurious to health).

  • Artistic Entertainment
The most popular Belly dancing and the traditional ‘Tanoura’ dance of the Arab people will come out as a surprise treat to your eyes and soul with the ‘Sufi’ music to get the divine touch. So let yourself jazzed up by the sparkling belly dancers while enjoying the Middle Eastern cuisine at night.    

Tanoura dancers in Desert safari

For the tattoo lovers, get your body parts, especially hands and feet imprinted with the traditional Arabic designs with Henna. The rusty orange color and the strong earthy smell of the Henna is sure to hypnotize you and forget all the worldly worries.

  • Some More Adventure
A facility of the Quad biking is also available at the RAK desert safari venue. With advance booking of the same, you can also enjoy a bike ride bashing against the sandy dunes.

Another electrifying adventure is that of Sandboarding or Sand skiing. So set your feet on the board and get along the curvy dunes.  

Sandboarding in Ras - Al - Khaimah

  • Culture Sharing
For the cultural bees, wander around the residency of the local community such as Bedouins and get some knowledge exchange session with them.

  • For The Photo Album
Do not forget to click and capture the desert sunrise or sunset, the thrilled faces of your family members, belly dancers, and every other Arabic element your eyes witnesses for the first time.

You might be lucky to watch the great Falcon and their quaint brandishes of the huge wings.   

Falcon in Desert

You can also dress up in the traditional Arabic clothing and click a selfie of your ‘Arabic Avatar’.

  • Souvenirs
For your carry along memories of the Arab countries, you can buy the artistic sand articles and customized sand art plates with your name written on it.

  • Chillax
Last but not the least, lay down on the perfect the desert bed and get yourself covered under the blanket of salty humid breeze. Watch the sunset or stroll around un - purposed. Star gazing is also one of the most peaceful activities to do while lying on the sands.

Desert Safari at night

Tips To a fun filled Desert Safari

  • Clear about what things are included in the package of desert safari and what not with the tour operator before buying the package.
  • Pregnant women and people with major heart problems or sensitive to adventurous activities should avoid desert safari as it might prove riskier
  • Take light lunch at least 2 to 3 hours before going for the safari
  • Wear decent and comfortable clothing keeping in mind the cultural and climatic elements of Middle East countries into consideration.
  • Be punctual about time otherwise you may miss your vehicle to the desert.
  • A passionate photographer should not forget two things while going on a desert safari. One – to ask for permission in case you want to click with the locals especially women of Arab and second - the Camera.
  • Take water with you, after all it is desert everywhere.
  • Follow the instructor’s / tour guide’s instruction seriously.
  • Wear seat belts without forgetting.
  • Keep your children under supervision
  • Do not over drink or over smoke at the camp - site
  • Respect every other visitor and the people at your service at the safari camp.
  • Do not tease camels
  • Choose the time wisely for a real fun

So with all these necessary information you are just left to book the tickets and fly to the Land of Arabs for one more adventurous, unmissable voyage of your life. A true ‘Alchemist’ fan would never miss a chance to visit desert of Ras – Al – Khaimah to get the feel that Santiago experienced.

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