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Mahadev Temple, Pushkar Overview

Located on the banks of Pushkar Lake in the heart of the city, Mahadev Temple- also known as Apteshwar Mahadev Temple, is a popular Hindu pilgrimage site in the city of Pushkar. Enshrined by Lord Shiva, the temple was built in the 19th century and boasts of a spectacular architectural style. Constructed in white marbles, the temple house a five faced idol of Lord Mahadev- four of its faces represent the four directions that they face, while the fifth one looks upwards and is a symbol of purity and spiritual progress. The five faces are called Sadyojat, Vamdev, Aghor, Tatpurush and Ishan.

These five faces of Lord Mahadev also represent the five elements - Prithvi, Varun, Vayu, Agni and Akash. Other than that, the idol is adorned in ornaments and jewels. Besides, there are several beautiful carvings and intricate decorations around the walls and the pillars signifying the Hindu deities, gods and goddesses. Mahadev Temple stays especially crowded on the occasion of Shivratri which is celebrated here with a great deal of zeal and fervour.

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Legend of Mahadev Temple

It is believed that Apteshwar Mahadev Temple was built by Lord Brahma. The story goes on to say that once Lord Brahma was performing a yagna at the Pushkar Lake when he saw Lord Shiva - the God of destruction, also attending the yagna in the form of tantric mendicant and had a skull in his hand. However, he was unaware that the tantric was Lord Shiva in disguise and so he insulted his appearance. This made Lord Shiva very angry and he filled the entire yagna space with skulls.

Soon after, Lord Brahma enquired and through his own supreme powers, found out that the tantric mendicant was Lord Shiva himself. He then apologized to Lord Shiva and requested him to participate in the yagna which Lord Shiva did. Humbled by his generosity and as a way to apologize to Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma built a temple at the site and dedicated it to Lord Shiva himself.

Rituals at Mahadev Temple

One of the most important rituals at the Mahadev Temple is that the devotees place a ‘bel’ leaf on the top of the Shiva lingam. On doing so, it is believed that one’s wishes are granted. Among other rituals and traditions are pouring milk, dahi, ghee and honey over the sanctioned lingam of Lord Shiva. This second ritual is particularly performed by young unmarried girls. It is believed that by doing so they will find an ideal husband.

Best Time to Visit

Mahashivaratri is considered the best time to visit the temple since it is considered the festival of Lord Shiva. On the occasion, a grand feast is held at the temple which is decorated and adorned in tinsel, lights and flowers. It is a grand sight and the festival is celebrated with a great deal of zeal and fervour.

How to Reach

Mahadev Temple is located in the heart of the city next to the Pushkar Lake. There are several public autos, rickshaws and electric rickshaws available in the city at all times, that can take you to your destination.

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