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Paro Chhu's clean and clear waters are an ideal choice for adventure sports like kayaking and rafting. There are travel companies which organise these activities in the river. Proper security equipment such as lifeboat, belt etc, are provided to you for your safety.

Paro’s white waters are a popular rafting spot. The Paro Chhu constitutes these white waters. Chhu means ‘river’ in Bhutanese.

River Trail
The Paro River begins from the South of Mount Jomolhari. It flows through magnanimous mountains, quaint grasslands and canyons. The river then enters the Paro Valley and flows through the Paro Town. Downstream of this river is where the white water rafting fun begins.

  • You can also kayak on the quieter parts of the Paro River. This includes a single human, paddling from the centre of a narrow and flatboat. 
  • You can get to the river from the road from Paro to Thimphu. It follows the length of the river which is very convenient for you, because there are several places to put-in, or ‘enter’, downstream of Paro. 
  • You can warm-up on the first few miles of the white water rapids. These come before the Boulder Choke. The scenery and rapids are the best below the Choke. The take-out, or ‘exit’, is right before the Paro-Thimphu River confluence which forms at the village of Chhuzom.
The Paro River continues to flow south after the confluence. Here onwards it begins to become the mighty Wang River. This has several Class IV and V rapids.

Operators: Northwest Rafting Company Northwest Rafting Company (541) 450-9855 is an award-winning group of professional, well-trained guides that lead people down the most beautiful rivers in the world.
Total length of rapids: 4.9 miles
Gradient: 49 fpm
Rafting difficulty: III+ (on V)
Best time to visit and raft: Post Summer/Spring months (March to April) and Pre-Winter/Autumn months (November to December)
Flow strength: Low to medium flow
Put-in or entrance zone: Downstream of Paro
Take-out or exit zone: Chhuzom
Cost: Approximately Nu 4,040 per person
The river is at a stretch of 7 kilometres with a few boulder rapids and small slopes that's good for beginners/intermediate kayakers too. 

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