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Tipu's Fort

Palakkad Fort, Palakkad Overview

The Palakkad Fort in Kerala is a beautiful historical monument that has gently integrated its high walls with its surrounding green gardens. One of the most well-preserved forts in the state of Kerala, the Palakkad fort was built in the 1766 AD by Hyder Ali and is now a protected monument under the Archaeological Survey of India.

This picturesque fort is located in the heart of Palakkad town at the foothills of the Sahyadris range in a labyrinth of dense forests and crisscrossing cascading rivers. The mighty fort is spread over an area of 60,702 square meters and is immensely famous for its architecture, which displays the efficiency of the French craftsman. The magnificent fortress of Pallakad is an essential part of history, and its construction is majestic as well

The fort is in the shape of a square and is supported by walls and bastions which are square shaped as well. Earlier, the entrance to the fort was via a drawbridge, which has now been replaced by a permanent one in its place. A significant ground is also present within the premises of the fort, which served as stable for the horses and elephants of Tipu Sultan's army in ancient times. It is placed between the fort and the Palakkad Town Hall and is known as the Kota Maidanam. It is currently used as the venue for cricket matches, exhibitions and public gatherings. There is an open-air auditorium here as well, which is known as Rappadi.

The Palakkad fort also houses some other smaller attractions such as the Hanuman temple, Martyr's column, Anjaneya Swami Temple (a small shrine), Vatika Shilavatika (a garden) and a sub-jail. Amalgamating the beauty of lush green gardens and impressive ancient architecture, this fort is a truly humbling experience. The fort is also known as the Tipu’s Fort, after the name of Tipu Sultan (son of Hyder Ali). The majestic fort depicts the old tales of bravery and courage.

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History of Palakkad Fort

The grand palace of Palakkad is believed to have existed since the ancient times, but the present form of the fort was constructed by the great emperor of Mysore, Haider Ali in 1766 A.D. According to the earliest available historical records, King of Palakkad (Paliyath Achchan) was a part of the Zamorin. However, he drifted away from their rule and carved out an independent state for himself at the beginning of the 18th century. When the Zamorins attacked him in 1757, he approached Hyder Ali who took over Palghat and gained control over the Palakkad Fort too.

From that time until 1790, the glorious fort was consistently in the hands of the Mysore Sultans or the British rulers. The latter came to power in 1768; this mighty fortification was taken over by Colonel Wood but was soon recaptured by Hyder Ali. What followed this was a series of capturing and recovering by various authorities; Colonel Fullarton captured in 1783 followed by the Zamorin's troops. In 1790 it was finally captured by the British under the rule of Colonel Stuart. Ultimately it was converted into a taluk office in the early 1900s.

Best Time To Visit Palakkad Fort

November to March is the best time to visit Palakkad Fort due to the pleasant winter months here. There is almost no rainfall which increases the tourism by manifolds. Palakkad witnesses slight precipitation throughout the year and heavy rain from June to October. April and May are the hottest months here.

How To Reach Palakkad Fort

The nearest railway station is Palakkad Railway Station and is located at a distance of about 5 km from the fort. The closest airport is that of Coimbatore, which is located at about 55 km from the fort. Cochin International Airport lies at a distance of 140 km from the fort. The town of Palakkad is well connected to the nearby places via roads and rail.

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