Enchanting Temples in Palakkad for an Amazing Religious Vacay

Temples in Palakkad

Here is the list of 3 Enchanting Temples in Palakkad for an Amazing Religious Vacay

1. Jain Temple, Palakkad

Jain Temple, Palakkad
3.5 /5

More than 500 years old, the Jain Temple at Jainimedu is well known for its granite walls which are 32 feet long and 20 feet wide. Located on the south banks of River Kalpathy, this ancient temple is enshrined with the images of Jain Tirthankaras and Yakshinis. Devotees visiting in large number feel an air of spirituality and austerity in the temple.

2. Kalpathy Temple, Palakkad

Kalpathy Temple, Palakkad
3.1 /5

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Kalpathy Temple is a famous temple situated just 3 km away from Palakkad. The temple is mainly renowned for its 7-day Rath Yatra held in the month of November which draws devotees from across the country.

3. Vadakkanthara Temple, Palakkad

Vadakkanthara Temple, Palakkad

Dedicated to Goddess Karnaki, who finds mention in the Tamil epic Silapathikaram as a vengeful wife and a legendary woman, the Vadakkanthara Thirupuraikkal Bhagavathy Temple is the only temple in Kerala that celebrates the goddess in her complete idolic form. Apart from its religious reverence, the Temple is known for its sprawling architecture exemplifying the beautiful traditional Kerala architecture.

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