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Kollengode Palace , Palakkad Overview

 Kollengode Palace, located in Palakkad, Kerala is one of the few places that best represent the natural beauty of the village of Kollengode. It is a traditional shrine dedicated to Lord Vishnu and flaunts authentic Kerala and European architectural styles. This prime attraction of Kollengode town is definitely a must-visit for those who want to see the true beauty of Palakkad. 

Kollengode Palace has a large collection of murals from all over Kerala and is a beautiful edifice on the south-east side of Kollengode. The name comes from the blacksmith (Kollen) community that lives in this village. This museum includes a range of different temples, manuscripts on dry palm leaves and megaliths, and artefacts from the forests of Thrissur and Wayanad. Along with that, this place holds Veerakallu of Hero Stones that are ancient stone engravings and sculptures of heroes. Till date, Kollengode Palace is one of the most famous palaces in Palakkad and is rich in its culture and history. For those who want to see a fusion of true Kerala as well as European planning and design, this place is perfect.

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Entry Details

Entry to this attraction is free and the place is open on all days from 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM. However, in order to go inside this palace, visitors have to book an appointment.

Things to See and Do

Palakkad is known as the granary of Kerala. Likewise, Kollengode is one of the few places that truly represents the natural beauty of Palakkad. One can see the beauty of this place in the paddy fields here. Kollengode Palace is surrounded by a number of paddy fields while inside, there are a number of sculptures, engravings, artefacts and murals to look at. The famous Palakkad Fort is quite close. This area also has a luxurious spa where many national, as well as international tourists, come for Ayurvedic treatment in natural surroundings. The Nelliyampathy Hills surround this little village from the outskirts while the Bharatpuzha river crosses through this town. Interestingly, this palace is dedicated to Lord Vishnu since an idol is placed in this Palace. That is not all, one can find quite a few Vishnu temples in Kollengode. Shiva temples around this attraction are located on Pallkapandi Waterfalls, Meenkara Dam, Pothundi Dam, Chinganchira and Pudugramam. The Kollengode Palace is also very close to other attractions such as Seethakundu and Govindamalai forests that are apt for trekking and hiking. What’s more, the memorial for the famous poet Kunhiraman is situated quite close to the Kollengode Palace and is definitely worth a visit.


The history of Kollengode Palace dates back to 1904 when it was built by Raja (King) of Kollengode, Vasudeva Raja, as a gift to his daughter. It was built as a token of love for his daughter. As a result, this place was called a palace and (Kalari Kovilakam) and kept his personal belongings there. However, in 1975, as a part of the Kollengode Palace in Thrissur, the Department of Archeology took over this land and converted it into a museum. Here, artefacts, manuscripts, sculptures and stone engravings were collected and preserved. Along with that, the personal belongings of the king, as well as murals from different parts of Kerala, were also kept. Subsequently, this palace adopted and preserved the Mural Art Museum of Thrissur. Till date, one can see how Kollengode Palace is the perfect blend between traditional Kerala architecture and European art and design.

How To Reach Kollengode Palace

Kollengode Palace is located around 25 kilometres south-east of Palakkad and it would take around 43 minutes via Pudunagaram Kollengode Road. The closest station to Kollengode Palace is Kollengode station which is 2.5 kilometres away and it would take around 8 minutes to reach via Kollengode Kunissery Road. Visitors can take a cab or taxi to this attraction. The bus stand is closer to this attraction. Kollengode Bus Stand is only 1.3 kilometres away and it would take around 4-5 minutes to reach Kollengode palace if SH 58 is taken.

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