Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Navi Mumbai Overview

A little away from the Mumbai- Pune Expressway, Karnala Bird Sanctuary, is a 500 square kilometres land filled with species of both flora and fauna that are sure to astound you. The Sanctuary is mainly meant for birds of all kinds, whether they are as common as a sparrow or a rare type only found in this region of India. The Karnala Bird Sanctuary is covered in plant species of many varieties amongst which around 150 different species of birds make up their housing. Out of these 150, 37 species of them are considered migratory birds. While visiting Karnala Bird Sanctuary, individuals will not only be awed by the sheer amount of birds fluttering around but also by the mini zoo that is meant for the wildlife animals that the sanctuary provides for and which make the sanctuary an even more exciting attraction to visit.

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