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Netrani Island

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Time Required: 2 - 3 hours



Entry Fee:

Scuba Diving starts fron INR 5000

Netrani Island, Murudeshwar Overview

Also known as the 'Pigeon Island', Netrani Island in Murudeshwar is located off the coast of Karnataka. Views from above give this island the appearance of being heart-shaped. Rising above the tranquil and azure waters of the Arabian Sea, this heart-shaped island is counted as one of the best sites for scuba diving. This island is a famous tourist spot and apopular pilgrimage town with silvery sand and the western ghats as a backdrop.

Situated about 10 nautical miles away from the holy city of Murudeshwar is an uninhabited island of Netrani, locally known as Netragudo. A thrilling boat ride of 70-90 minutes will take you to Netrani Island from Murudeshwar. Known for its overwhelming experience of underwater world, you will get a chance to come face to face with diverse variety of fish life common to Arabian Sea as well as other varieties such as Napolean Wrasse, Cobia, Stonefish, Black Tip Sharks, Great Barracuda, Turtles and Stingrays etc. With a soothing effect over your nerves, this expedition under water is perfect for diving suitable for certified divers of all experience levels.

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The best time to visit Netrani Island is during the months of December and January.

Scuba Diving is all about witnessing the spectacular beauty of the marine life. Netrani Island's rich and vivid marine life, crystal clear waters and the favourable depths of the Arabian Sea make it a stunning diving experience!

Make sure to gather essential instructions from expert divers from the dive center.

Going through a reputed diving school helps because of the proper equipment that they use and their experience.

The diving schools prefer if you're medically fit for a dive due to problems that could arise because of artificial oxygenation underwater.


Make sure to get a beach facing room as it is a breath taking view!

Situated near Arabian Sea, the island can be reached by hiring fishing boats from Bhatkal. Also, taxis and auto-rickshaws are available to reach the island, which is 19 km from Murudeshwar.
  • Air: Mangalore serves as the nearest airport city to Murudeshwar if you are planning an underwater expedition. It is situated 153 kms south of your destination. Taxis are easily available that connect the two cities.

  • Rail: Murudeshwar Railway station is well connected to major cities of India via Mumbai and Mangalore. The station is just 2 kms east of the town and one can reach there by bus or an auto rickshaw. A boat ride of 70-90 minutes will take you to Netrani.

Top Hotels near Netrani Island

  • Shree Vinayaka Residency

    Starting from INR 999

  • RNS Guest House

    Starting from INR 2,232

  • Hotel Kola Paradise

    Starting from INR 1,150

About Netrani Island

Cost of Activity : Starts at Rs. 5000 per dive

Currents : Range from calm waters to strong, depending upon the tides and the dive site

Depth of Dive : 6 m to 40 m

Difficulty Level : Easy-Medium

Nearest Airport : Mangalore

Nearest Railhead : Murudeshwar

Nearest road city : Murudeshwar

Region : Arabian Sea

Time required for Dive : 3 days

Visibility in the waters : 15 m to 40 m, depending on the season

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