Global Vippasanna Pagoda

Global Vippasanna Pagoda, Manori Overview

The Global Vipassana Pagoda is a popular tourist spot for people who visit this side of Mumbai on their trip and though it is not in Manori, people place this as a must visit site.

Founded in 1997 and completed in 2008, The Global Vippassana holds the relics of Sri Gautam Buddha. The main golden dome of the pagoda, holding three more sub domes on it is a marvelous and breath taking sight that can be spotted from far distances. It is one of the largest hollow stone structures of the world having the Buddha's relics. Bone relics of the Buddha that were discovered at the Sanchi stupa in Madhya Pradesh, India have been donated jointly by the Prime minister of Sri Lanka and the Mahabodhi Society. The entrance to the Pagoda is by the Myanmar gate, where you can also spot a magnificent statue of the Buddha carved out of marble. The idol is about 21.5 m high and weighs about 80 metric tones. A bell tower, originally built in Myanmar of the Burmese architectural style is also part of the large complex. Along with it, there is another very similar tower called the Gong tower. The only difference between the two is that the Bell tower houses a giant bell that weighs 14 metric tonnes and is 8ft tall while the Gong tower houses a large circular gong.

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