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Ideal duration: 4-6 days

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Food of Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep's cuisine is identified by a significant influence of flavors, ingredients, elements and styles of Kerala's cuisine, given the physical proximity and a similar geography that surrounds both. Hence, Coconut preparations and seafood, pretty much define the island's menu
A variety of fried and barbecued fish are available here as seafood is almost staple. Due to abundance of coconut, a lot of dishes are prepared using coconut oil and coconut curry. Refreshing Coconut water is also widespread.
Apart from specializing in local food, the restaurants in Lakshadweep also serve a series of international cuisines including Chinese, Thai, Indian and Korean dishes. Alcohol is not allowed in Lakshadweep except for Bangaram islands.

Lakshadweep Photos

Mincoy Island Also Known as Maliku Island is on the Southern most Atoll of Lakshadweep
NASA picture of Maliku Atoll with Minicoy Island
Agatti island is located on the Corol Atoll (Agatti Atoll) of Lakshadweep

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