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Bangaram Island, Lakshadweep Overview

Bangaram Island is a beautiful tiny island in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep, India. The Bangaram Island encompasses an area of 1.234 km2 and is the largest island in the chain of islands in the region (also known as an atoll) with a beautiful lagoon. With a population of only 10 and just one beach resort, it is an apt destination for people who want to disconnect entirely from the fast-paced world.

The beach resort on the island was inaugurated in 1974, and it became more accessible for tourists after the Agatti Aerodrome was commissioned and the frequency of commercial flights from Kochi increased. The Government of India is also promoting tourism on the Island and is projecting it to be a major destination for international tourism.

The people who reside on the Island are the ones that work at the resort that is open for travellers. The small area and less population give a sense of being on a private island. The sunrises and sunsets are a treat to the eyes by the sparkling beach, and a range of activities to indulge in makes the stay worthwhile, but even if you choose only to laze around, the serene beach of Bangaram Island should be on your bucket list.

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Flora and Fauna at Bangaram Island

The gorgeous Bangaram Island forms a part of the terrestrial ecoregion of the Lakshadweep Archipelago with many species of marine, terrestrial and aerial living beings including fishes, crabs, lobsters, gastropods, bivalves, turtles, seaweed, birds etc. It is also a region of ecological importance due to the presence of the coral reef around the island.

The flora of the island is pretty much the same as India with around 400 species documented so far that include angiosperms, fungi, seagrasses, algae, coconut groves, seaweed and other coastal shrubs.

Things To Do at Bangaram Island

The adventurous ones can get their adrenaline pumping by indulging in the various water sports available at the beach. One can go canoeing, kayaking, water skiing or windsurfing. There are provisions for diving and snorkelling for the ones who want to explore the ocean bed and its flora and fauna. Arrangements for a night cruise on a Yacht can also be made for a romantic voyage in the sea under the starlit sky. If you want to stay out of the waters, a game of beach volleyball is a fabulous way to enjoy the sun and the sand on this delightful island. Evening dinners can be arranged by a bonfire along with games, great food and some magical drinks.

Geography of Bangaram Island

The Beautiful Bangaram Island stretches 4.3 kilometres wide and about 8 kilometres in length in the western part of the mesmerizing Lakshadweep archipelago. The pristine lagoon area of the island is around 35 km2. It is located in the Indian Ocean and lies at a distance of 530 kilometres from the magnificent Kollam Port and around 400 kilometres from the lively city of Kochi in God's Own Country, Kerala, India. The island is located about 24 kilometres to the south-east of Perumal Par and about 7 kilometres to the north-east of Agatti Island. It is also connected to the Agatti reef by a shallow underwater ridge.

The South Bangaram Cay which is the smallest island in the chain of islands has a land surface of 0.001 km2. Thinakkara, another island in the chain, is located 2.5 kilometres to the East-Northeast of the Bangaram Island. It stretches over an area of 0.522 km square by the edge of the lagoon in the east-northeast direction. The Bangaram Island is also surrounded by three islets with a total area of 0.089 km2, and they are positioned in the eastern fringe of the Bangaram Island Reef.

Best Time To Visit Bangaram Island

The best time to visit Bangaram Island is between October and March as the weather is pleasant and the sea is calm most of the times.

Tips For Visiting Bangaram Island

1. Tourists need a special permit to enter the island.
2. If the only resort at Bangaram Island is full, the best way to explore this island is by arranging your stay at one the Hotels in Agatti island which is just 12 km away and visit Bangaram for a day-long trip.
3. Dependence on technology is limited or zero as there is no internet on the island.
4. Do not litter and pollute the island.

How To Reach Bangaram Island

One can avail a 40-minute short fun ferry ride from Agatti to reach the mesmerizing Bangaram Beach.

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