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Located in Qadsiya, this house is a private property and prior appointments need to be made

This house belongs to Italian born Lidia al-Qattan, sculptor, painter, jeweller and her family. As story goes, her daughter Jalila had once broken a mirror and oblivious to the superstitious belief surrounding broken mirrors, Lidia was inspired to do something artistic with the glass shards. Although visits are only on prior appointment basis, the hosts are a friendly and welcoming. The house is difficult to miss, as it stands glittering, amidst the surrounding buildings. The array of mirrors and the sheer beauty of the art work is splendid on the exteriror walls. But wait till you get inside, you will be left enraptured! From wall to floorboard to furniture, everything is decorated with pieces of mirrors in an assortment of shapes and sizes. There is the Shark Hall and the Sea World Hall and the the Knowledge Hall and the Stairs of Inspiration, all rooms of utility. Dazzling, is the word! What more, you might be treated to some tea and home made apple cake as Lidia tells you about how she just uses a filer, a tablespoon and two types of knives to create to create this dream palace.

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House of Mirrors
House of Mirrors

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