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Green Island, Failaka Island and Kubbar Island

Green Island - Green Island is actually a piece of reclaimed land, transformed into an artifical island. Stretching from Al-Shiwaikh to Ras Alard, the island is located along the coastline. The rocks and sand here are said to be imported from other countries! Green Island has multiple entertainment options, including a swimming pool, amphitheatre, tourist tower, restaurants and kids play area. A great place to spend a day leisurely, while in Kuwait. Kubbar Island - Picturesque and unadulterated, Kubbar Island, is Kuwait's serene getaway. Some 30 kms from south east Kuwait, the island is host to a series of water sports, particularly a haven for scuba diving and snorkelling. The cool waters of the island are a respite usually from Kuwait's warm tropical climate. Kubbar Island is accessible by chalet from Adudhal Harbour. Failaka Island - Failaka Island is one of the most visited tourist destinations. It was inhabited by several residents prior to the Iraqi invasion, following which most residents deserted the island. Today the mines on the island are used by the military. You will come across interesting excavations from the Bronze Age and Dilmun Civilizations. Another place to visit here is the Failaka village, which preserves Kuwaiti heritage in form of spacious houses and horse stables. Home to a museum and Wanasa Beach, this trip is yet again worth a day.

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