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Beypore, Kozhikode Overview

Beypore is a cosy coastal town tucked away in the small but striking Kozhikode District. Located at the mouth of the energetic Chaliyar River, this town is covered in vibrant shades of green and surrounded by mystic shades of blue. When under the reign of Tipu Sultan, who was the ruler of Mysore, this town was named Sultan Pattanam.

In spite of being a small town, it is very famous for ship-building. The shipbuilding yard here is renowned for the construction of Urus and Dhows, the traditional Arabian trading vessel. This craft is over 1500 years old now and is carried out carefully by the expert craftsmen who possess extraordinary skills.

In fact, the flagship of the British admiral, Lord Horatio Nelson who defeated Napoleon Bonaparte in the Battle of Trafalgar in the year 1805 was made in Beypore along with numerous other vessels of his celebrated fleet. Also, the sturdy wooden barges sailed across the Suez Canal during the reign of Cleopatra are also said to have been made at Beypore. What is mind-boggling is that no matter how big or complicated the ship to be built is, no formal plan or design or sketches is ever made All these computations are always in mind and at the fingertips of the foreman.

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Beypore Port

The Beypore Port is a prominent port and active fishing harbour. In fact, there is evidence that suggests direct trade links between Beypore and Mesopotamia. The Beypore Port holds a great historical significance- it acted as a major maritime trading centre for Arab, Chinese and European travellers. Soon after prospering as a marine trading centre, ship building activities started growing to cope with the increasing demands for ships in Western Asia.

History of Beypore

Being the centre for shipbuilding since the first century AD, Beypore was ruled by four Kovilakams belonging to the family of the Beypore branch of the Parappanad family. It was first thronged by Romans and then by Chinese, Syrians, Arabs and Europeans for trade. During the early nineteenth century, it was further expanded under the East India Company. It is believed that the Beypore Siva Temple protects the whole kingdom.

TASARA at Beypore

TASARA is a very famous institution in Beypore that teaches the traditional art of hand-weaving. The techniques taught here are renowned and appreciated all over the world. TASARA means the weaver's shuttle in Sanskrit and is now an institution founded in 1989 as an extension of Spider Weavers, which was established in 1977. The motto of this establishment is to teach, appreciate and encourage creative weaving, a dying art, and give a platform to many skilful weavers that need a space to share their knowledge and skill with others.

Shopping At Beypore

The giant Uru ships now have miniature versions on sale here at Beypore. However, no matter how big or small the Uru vessel, the beauty of the artsy craftsmanship is not compromised. These containers are made out of teak wood and are usually sized between 4 feet and 8 feet. The price of these Uru model vessels starts at INR 130 and goes up to INR 45000.

There are shops established in the town that offer you the opportunity of getting a traditional Ayurveda massage. This massage focuses on relieving the tensions in your muscles and joints and is done with essential oils that are great for your skin. The Ayurveda massages here are renowned all over the country and can rejuvenate you in a way that is indescribable by mere words.

Food At Beypore

There are small food joints dotted along the town that serve roasted corn, coconut water, etc. The Kozhikodan Halwa you get here is a treat for the taste buds and a speciality. They even serve traditional Malabari cuisine and mouthwatering seafood. One must also try the special milkshakes of Beypore- the Sharjah Shake and the Avil milkshake. The Sulaimani Tea here is very famous, a tea with no milk and a lot of sugar and lemon juice! You can opt for the sugar-free version too.

Tips For Visiting Beypore

Don't forget to enjoy the real beauty of sun setting at the end of the day.

How To Reach Beypore

Located only 11 km away from the vibrant city of Calicut, Beypore is a small but famous town that is easy to get to. The nearest railway station is Feroke, which is only 4 km away. However, the Feroke Railway Station is not a very busy rail head. The Kozhikode Railway Station, which is just 9.2 km away, is the central railway station where many popular trains make a stop and is merely 26 min by road.

Many buses ply to the Beypore Bus Station and many other bus stops that are located at short intervals within the city. Bus connectivity to and within the city is efficient and cheap.

One can also opt to hail an auto to Beypore and inside Beypore to travel between attractions.

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