Dolphin's Nose, Kodaikanal

Weather :

Timings : Sunrise to Sunset

Time Required : 2-3 hrs

Entry Fee : No entry fee

Dolphin's Nose, Kodaikanal Overview

Kodaikanal is well-known as the Queen of Hill Stations in India. The Dolphin's Nose viewpoint is where you can experience Kodaikanal at its best - plunging valleys, rugged terrain, clear skies, and the splendour of green embellishing the scene. As the name suggests, this viewpoint is based on a flat, protruding piece of rock that is shaped like a dolphin's nose. This forms a visible cliff at the height of 6,600 feet, with the best part being that it is accessible to the public. This destination is perfect for those who desire an adventurous addition to the otherwise laidback trip that Kodaikanal offers.

The caveat is that reaching this heavenly spot requires a moderate level 3 km long trek through the pines and rocks of the Palani Hill Range. It is possible to explore a nearby waterfall and a local village along the way. Perhaps the most captivating scenario would be if you happened to visit Dolphin's Nose when a mystical fog has covered the mountains and surrounding valley. A quiet retreat into the mountains is a splendid way to engage in some soulful introspection or wonder while the experience itself can be enhanced multi-fold during a sunrise or sunset. The peace and tranquillity in the atmosphere are second to none. It is possible to explore a nearby waterfall and a local village along the way. 

Fruit juice vendors and food stalls occasionally dot the landscape, but the items are relatively expensive up here. Overall, Dolphin's Nose constitutes a half-day trip into the mountains for a rejuvenating morning (or evening!). Dolphin's Nose viewpoint is a must on the itinerary of those looking for an adventurous add-on on their visit to Kodaikanal. Photography enthusiasts may also enjoy taking some landscape clicks from this beautiful viewpoint.

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Trek to Dolphin's Nose

The trail starts just after Pambar Bridge, where the descent to Dolphin's Nose viewpoint takes about 1-1.5 hours. If exploring the culture of the locale arouses your curiosity, you may pay a short visit to the village of Vellagavi along the way. Rugged paths lead off from the main trail to the village or the nearby Pambar Falls. A smaller viewpoint, known as the Mountain View Point, also falls on the way, and you may stop here for a break from your trekking expedition.

Upon reaching Dolphin's Nose, you will be greeted by the panoramic views of Catherine Falls, Kotagiri Hills, and the Mettupalayam plains along with the magnificent beauty of nature. In case the weather is especially clear, you may even spot the Periyakulam Town and Vaigai Lake in the distance. The return trip is uphill and may take up to 2 hours depending on your fitness level. This trek is not suitable for small kids and the aged people because of the rocky, rugged paths.

Echo Point

Echo Point is the finishing line of Dolphin's Nose. A hike further along the rocky route will take you to Echo Point, but this is not for the faint-hearted. The valley plunges sharply into the sides, and it requires an additional effort to get there, but the view is equally astounding, if not more.

Best Time To Visit Dolphin's Nose

Post-monsoon makes for the ideal time to visit this viewpoint, as the weather will consist of clear skies allowing you to fully enjoy the spectacular view. Therefore, the months of October to March are best suited for a visit to this spot in Kodaikanal.

Tips For Visiting Dolphin's Nose

1. Plan your visit early in the morning (preferably before 9:00 AM) for the best experience.
2. Do check weather conditions before embarking for the trek, as it requires effort and the cloudy weather could ruin the experience.
3. Wear appropriate clothes and shoes. Footwear should have a good grip as the descent to the viewpoint could be slippery in some places.
4. Although there are eateries available nearby, it would be advisable to carry light snacks and sufficient drinking water.

How To Reach Dolphin's Nose, Kodaikanal

You can hire a cab or auto to reach Pambar Bridge, which is the starting point of the trek to the viewpoint. Dolphin's Nose is approximately 8 km from the Kodai Bus Station, and regular buses are available to take you to the spot.

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