Places To Visit In Fort Kochi

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Here are the top 11 places to visit in Fort Kochi

1. Fort Kochi Beach

Fort Kochi Beach

1 out of 11 places to visit in Fort Kochi

Situated along Fort Kochi in Kochi, Kerala, Fort Kochi Beach is a tranquil beach adjoining the Arabian Sea. Lined with a beautiful sidewalk, the beach also has a fort to boast of which is also a major tourist attraction of the spot. People usually visit it for routinely morning and evening walks or just to spend some quality time in solitude.

2. Fusion Bay

Fusion Bay

2 out of 11 places to visit in Fort Kochi

Fusion Bay is a home-style restaurant with cosy ambience in Kochi serving a variety of Seafood, Kerala food and other South Indian Cuisines. Famous food here are Seafood, Coconut rice, Pumpkin Soup, and Crab Toast.

3. Chinese Fishing Nets

Chinese Fishing Nets
3.7 /5

3 out of 11 places to visit in Fort Kochi

Popularly known as Cheenavala, the Chinese Fishing Nets are the most iconic and popular attractions of Kerala peculiar to Kochi located next to Fort Kochi. One of the significant cultural symbols of Kerala, the spot is also one of the most photographed places in all of the town, attracting hordes of tourists and photographers on an everyday basis.

4. St Francis Church Kochi

St Francis Church Kochi
3.7 /5

4 out of 11 places to visit in Fort Kochi

St. Francis Church in Kochi, which finely exhibits Portuguese architecture, is believed to be one of a kind amongst all the European churches which were constructed in India. It was constructed in the 15th century by the Portuguese traders. Vasco-da-Gama, the famous explorer, was buried in this church when he died in 1524, on his third visit to India. His remains were moved to Lisbon after fourteen years but his gravestone is still present in the church.

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5. Kerala Kathakali Centre

Kerala Kathakali Centre
3.2 /5

5 out of 11 places to visit in Fort Kochi

Kerala Kathakali Centre at Fort Cochin has seen many dance performances! The amount of effort put in by the dancers is commendable. It is usually rife with locals and foreign tourists who come to enjoy the dance show. It also has morning meditation shows which one can take part in. The architecture of the Kerala Kathakali Centre is something special. The centre?s interiors follow the Malabar style of architecture and are mostly made up of beautiful wood carvings which gives the place a very traditional, yet appealing look.

6. Kashi Art Cafe

Kashi Art Cafe

6 out of 11 places to visit in Fort Kochi

Kashi Art Cafe is one of the most beautiful cafe in Kochi catering to foodies and art lovers alike. Popular for its very delicious breakfast, the place also runs a side art gallery exhibiting works of a single artist for a single month. Very famous among the foreign tourists, the place boasts of perfect non-vegetarian food and perfect vibes. Visiting here is one of the topmost things to do in Kochi.

7. Mattancherry Palace

Mattancherry Palace
4.3 /5

7 out of 11 places to visit in Fort Kochi

Popularly known as the Dutch Palace, the Mattancherry Palace is a Portuguese palace in Mattancherry, Kochi, in the state of Kerala. Mattancherry Palace is now a museum displaying paraphernalia belonging to the rajas of Kochi. Visit this destination to learn about the fascinating history of Kerala through the medium of irreplaceable artefacts and embellishments.

8. Jew Town

Jew Town
3.2 /5

8 out of 11 places to visit in Fort Kochi

Jew Town is one of the oldest parts of the region. It was here that the Jews first settled in India in around 700 BC and were here till they moved to Israel;. This part is famous for its architecturally solid synagogue that continues to stand till today. It is a series of narrow alleys between Mattancherry Palace and Paradesi Synagogue. There is an antique market with shops selling curios.

9. Jewish Synagogue

Jewish Synagogue
3.6 /5

9 out of 11 places to visit in Fort Kochi

Also known as Paradesi Synagogue or Mattancherry Synagogue, Cochin Jewish Synagogue is the oldest active synagogue, not just in Kochi but in the Commonwealth of Nations. Located in the Jew Town area of Kochi, the synagogue was constructed in 1567 and is one of the seven synagogues of the Malabar Yehudan or Yehudan Mappila.

10. Greenix Village

Greenix Village
3.2 /5

10 out of 11 places to visit in Fort Kochi

Situated 8 km off Ernakulam is the Greenix village where various art forms of Kerala are practiced and developed. Every evening witnesses a mixed performance of Kathakali- the dance drama form of Kerala, Kalaripayattu- an aesthetic martial art form, audio-visual history at the in-house museum and Indian classical music in this cultural centre.

11. Princess Street Kochi

Princess Street Kochi
3.2 /5

11 out of 11 places to visit in Fort Kochi

Popularly known as Loafer?s Corner, Princess Street is a quaint street in Kochi loaded with the vibrancy and grandiose of the old world charm. Located in the heart of the city, the place is an amalgamation of ancient times and the new. It is littered with clubs and cafes and is the life of the party animals and socialites.

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