Bang Niang Beach

Bang Niang Beach, Khao Lak Overview

Located north of Nang Thong on Khao Lak, Bang Niang Beach is one of the most popular destinations for backpackers and surfers. It is known for simple activities and blissful surroundings, with the calm, warm waters of the Andaman Sea.The quiet stretch of golden sand at the beach makes it an ideal location for walking to the adjoining Nang Thong beach.

Deemed to be just perfect for visitors on a budget and backpackers, Bang Niang Beach happens to be a well equipped commercial point well as a great party venue with a thriving nightlife. The simple beach activities and the solitude has transformed this area into one of the most popular and happening beaches of Khao Lak.

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Things to Do at Bang Niang Beach

  • Swimming- The water is shallow and generally clear with very few rocks to be found in the vicinity. This makes it an excellent venue for swimming with children able to enjoy pattering in the sea when the tide is low.
  • Surfing- The rolling waves is also apt for surfing in the placid waters of the Andaman sea especially during the monsoon season.
  • Games- Beach volleyball and football are popular games played by the locals as well as the tourists. However, these are not organized activities and can be done during the day without restriction.
  • Nightlife- The nighttime activity is popular at Bang Niang beach although its nature is vastly different from that of Bangkok. Numerous bars along the road connect the beach and off the beach. Many of the visitors are attracted by the lively music and dancing offered by the beach clubs as well with the song bar and cabaret shows being the top draws in the area.

How to Reach Bang Niang Beach

Bang Niang Beach is located in Tambon unit of the Khuekkhak city of the Takua Pa District in Thailand. It is essential to go to the beach town of Khao Lak. Flying to Phuket is the first part of the journey with tourists hiring taxis for THB 1100 –THB 1800 to reach Khao Lak. Locals prefer to take a bus going towards Takuapa, Surat Thani or Ranong and then get down at Khao Lak. Continuing to the beach on foot is easy enough for young people. However, others choose to hire scooters or bicycles for reaching the destination.

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