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Rajmachi Fort, Khandala Overview

Midway between Lonavala and Khandala is a fort by the name of Rajmachi Fort, a prominent landmark that watches over some of the most breathtakingly beautiful and wide sceneries of the region.

Atop the Western Ghats, the complex comprises two forts that are individually located at the Shrivardhan and Manaranjan Peaks. From the fort, tourists can catch an aerial view of Duke's Nose, Karanala, Mahuli, Bhimashankar, Matheran and Ulhas River. The fort also enables tourists to get a view of the old caves lying at Kondhavi and Tungarli Lake.

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Piyush Chadokar

on Rajmachi Fort 5 years ago
Khichhhish sound of ignition and we were ready for the Rajmachi Trip on our bikes. 6 pals who decided late night for a memorable adventure happens to be on roll with full excitement on NH4 next morni (Read More)ng. Already drove in clouds and accomplished bit difficult treks, the pals were expecting some great experience for their life time. Flying on their bikes all over NH4 was really a thrilling experience. Skidding Highway in rains with trucks running as if Superman behind Batman :P we all became Batman on our Bat vehicles. Cutting off all the traffic we finally took a right turn not a wrong one indeed after lonavala ;). Quite relieved, had a look over GPS and yes we were heading towards Rajmachi fort. One guy out of 6 knew the route might give shock for the biking but also knew that all are strong enough to keep rolling on the journey. Guess what after 2 kms of run we all stopped just to prepare ourselves for the route which was coming next. The pakka road can be clearly seen as turning up into a very bad rocky terrain. We all took selfie and released the clutches of our machines. What next the route troubled us with rocks rolling down our bike tires whenever we make a move further. All started to showcase their driving skills as it was very much needed at that point of time. Going through all narrow turns and paths full of mud and rocks it gave a tough challenge for all of us. We were shattered by the type of road which was leading to Rajmachi fort. Karizma being bold and strong was finding difficult to get balance and went off on a side sleeping pose for 3 times :P, Discover being patient was managing slowly and kept a good hold of the terrain. Twister was all fit, light and did really well with new tires, though it also rested in a pose for a time :P. Haha yes we were all laughing and shouting all over the track as the wet muddy and rough stone road was not having any mercy on us. Those ups and downs really got us into great trouble when bike tires were just skidding even after applying full brakes. Though, the track was so challenging the scenic beauty of the place and fresh air gave us all strength. We took photos wherever possible focusing more on driving and reaching the Rajmachi fort. A time came when we asked few bikers those seems to be returning from the fort about the track further, and all we got negativity. One of them directly told to return from the very place we were standing. As a friend got hurt because of slipping on path we decided not to risk our lives more and decided to return. Yes, we started riding back ?. Just after 1 km, I asked a Sumo going towards fort that the road is bad how they can be going then. The driver gave us another shock that the destination was merely 2 kms from where we are returning. Hearing this we all got an adriline rush in ourselves and yet again we turned our bikes for getting fateh on Rajmachi fort. This time more excited about the felling that we shall get there no matter what. We finally crossed all muddy roads with single guy on bike and ups downs with rolling bikes without any rider. Finally after 12 kms of rigorous biking we reached the base village of Rajmachi. Had Poha and started the trek to fort. Realizing we already are on high altitude, the fort was only of 30mins trek. But these 30 mins, after 2 and half hours just to cover 12 kms was killing us. We did not gave up. Climbing over high rock stairs and all rock boulders we finally reached the main entrance and a splendid view from top was awaiting us. We all grinned and ran to the top and climbed the red flag over the top. Shouted ‘hell yeayyyy we are mad, we are strong and yet again we all did fateh on Rajmachi fort’. We thank god for giving us all hope and strength. Enjoyed a lot been in clouds flowing all around, gives feeling of being a bird. We danced over top, thanks to Bluetooth speakers. After staying for an hour we started heading back, again ready for the challenging terrain, but this time it was not that difficult ;) PS: Its one of the greatest experience we have ever had and is truly recommended for all bike riders in Monsoon season. Thanks to Arun, Angadh, Dhruv, Sayan, Shailesh ? - Piyush
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