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An ancient hilltop fortress, Kadifekale Castle, also locally known as Kadifekale overlooks the beautiful Gulf of Izmir. Located at 186m above sea level, on Mt Pago, Kadifekale offers some splendid views of the calm waters and bustling city below. The insides of the castle today are relatively empty, though there are a mosque and cistern ruins. It has free entry and can be reached on a dolmus or using private vehicles. 

Kadifekale was built around the 3rd century BC by Alexander the Great’s successor, Lysimachos. It has a rich history, passed down from different rulers and dynasties.Closely connected historically to the Greek city Smyrna, Kadifekale Castle and the surrounding city were ruled by the Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, Arabs, Crusaders, and finally by the Ottoman Empire. Most of the ruins of the castle today can be traced to the restoration work done by the Ottoman Emperor Mehmed II. In 2007 restoration and renovation work began at Kadifekale, whereas in 2020 it became a Tentative World Heritage Site. Besides, the stunning view of the Gulf of Izmir, one can also find the local women baking bread and weaving bright textiles that are up for sale. 

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