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Moirang, Imphal Overview

Moirang is a small town nestled in the state of Manipur. This place has seen wars and upheavals in the past but is beautiful nonetheless. Moirang is famous for the Loktak Lake whose serene water is home to plethora of flora and fauna. This place is perfect for a weekend getaway to unwind and relax. Moirang is also a safe haven for Sangai deers which were once thought to be extinct. A short trip to Moirang will rejuvenate your soul and make you feel refreshed.


Moirang is the very place where Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose along with his Indian National Army fought a war with Britishers. During the second World War, Moirang was the unofficial headquarters for Indian National Army from where everything was controlled.

Flora and Fauna

Since Moirang houses a serene lake and a national park, it is bound to be abundant in flora and fauna. A large number of animals and birds live here and can be spotted easily. Animals including sambar, barking deer, monkeys, Sangai deer can be seen roaming all around the place. Birds like hornbills, ducks, crows and kingfisher are the most common which can be seen fluttering their wings. A lot of migratory birds come and visit this place also. Snakes like Python and cobra are common in this place and can be seen making their way amidst trees.

Places to Visit

1. Loktak Lake

Loktak Lake is the largest freshwater lake in North India. People visit loktak Lake to see the large amount of phumbis floating over it. Loktak lake is home to a lot of flora and fauna. The lake is surrounded by lush green trees that makes the surrounding look serene and tranquil. A large number of water birds and migratory birds including hornbills and ducks visit this lake every year and can be seen fluttering around it. Animals such as sambhar, barking deer, wild Bear, monkeys, marbled cat and Indian python roam around this lake and can be spotted. This serene place is perfect to spend some relaxing time and enjoy some solitude.

Loktak Lake

2. Indian National Army Complex

Indian National Army Complex is a treasure that depicts the Freedom Struggle through letters, photographs and other artifacts. A lot of unsung heroes of the freedom struggle are honoured. A bronze statue of Subhas Chandra Bose is erected in the complex to honour him. You can pay a visit to this museum anytime between 8am to 6pm.

3. Keibul Lamjao National Park

Keibul Lamjao National Park is one of a kind as it is the only floating National Park in the world. This National Park is home to a lot of animals and birds. Some of the animals include Wild Boar, Sambar,  flying fox, common shrew, bamboo rat and brow antlered deer. Being a floating National Park lot of fishes can also be seen. Channa striata, common carp, pool Barb are some of them. The national park also houses a lot of reptiles including tortoise, viper, Cobra, water Cobra, Banded krait, Asian rat snake and python that roam freely here. Colourful Birds such as Kingfisher, black kite, spot billed duck, Rudy shell duck, and Indian white beasted waterhen can be seen perched on the trees. The ideal time to visit the national park is between 6am to 10am in the morning and 5pm to 7pm in the evening. Guided tours of the national park are also available if you want to explore the place to the fullest.

4. Sendra Island

Sendra Island is a hidden gem in Moirang. This place encompasses a small hillock which is surrounded with water. The beauty of this place is simply mesmerizing. A lot of cafes and lodges are available on the hilltop. If you cannot stay here make sure to dine in the cafeteria to experience bliss. The serene water around the hillock and the verdant trees magnify the beauty of this place making it picturesque.

5. Phubala

Located? at a distance of 5km from Moirang, Phubala is a picturesque village situated on the banks of Loktak Lake. Phubala is famous and visited by travelers for boating. People visit this village surrounded by verdant trees to rejoice some peaceful time and spend some moments in the lap of nature.

6. Temples

Moirang is also a land of temples as a lot of beautifully constructed temples with pristine aura are located here. Pakhangba temple, Loktak Maru Temple, Ibudhou Thangnarel Temple, Oknarel Temple, Radha Mandhop Temple and Gopinath temple are some of the famous ones. People visit these temples in large numbers to pray and seek blessings. These temples are a must visit as they will fill you with positive vibes and make you feel calm.

Things to Do


You can take a boating trip around the loktak lake and the Keibul Lamjao National Park or Phubala to explore the places to the fullest. The boat passes through colourful water plants and lush green trees which provides travellers with scenic beauty. Paddling in the water is the best way to spend some quality and peaceful time with your loved ones.


Moirang Lai Haraoba

Moirang Lai Haraoba festival is celebrated with great zeal in the month of May. This festival is celebrated to worship and thank Lord Thangjing. Men and women come together and celebrate this festival by singing folk songs and dancing the famous Khamba-Thoibi dance which was originated in Moirang itself. Everybody is dressed in beautiful local attire and the festival is worth attending.

Moirang is a great place to get away from the hustle bustle of the city and make memories amidst nature and myriad variety of flora and fauna. This place is filled with serenity and peace and a trip here will be totally worth it.

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Best Time To Visit Moirang

The best time to visit Moirang is during the May when the annual festival of Lai Haraoba is held.

How To Reach Moirang

By Air: The closest airport to Moirang is in the city of Imphal named Tulihal Airport which is well connected with almost all the major cities in India. The distance between Tulihal Airport and Moirang is 48 km. Rental cars are available that will take you to Moirang from the airport.
By Rail: The closest railway station to Moirang is in Dimapur which is at a distance of 250 km. Rental cars and buses are easily available from the railway station?that will take you to Moirang.
By Road: The distance between Imphal and Moirang is 48 km. Buses are available at regular intervals from Imphal or you can even opt for rental cars to reach Moirang. Moirang is also well connected with Guwahati in the state of Assam around 530 km.

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