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Sirohi National Park, Imphal Overview

Located in the Ukhrul district of Imphal in Manipur, very close to the India- Myanmar border, Sirohi National Park is the smallest forest reserve of the country spread over a tiny area of just 41 sq km. It was only declared a national park in 1982, and is popular for housing a whopping variety of birds, flowering plants and exotic animal species. Most of its significance comes from the fact that it is the only natural habitat of the Sirohi Lily or LiliumMaclineae which only grows here and nowhere else in the world. A mountain peak called the Sirohi Peak is situated in the forest where the exotic flowers blooms once every year between the months of May and June. The phenomenon attracts a whole lot of naturalists, scientists, biologists and environmentalists to come to the place. Besides the hill top offers sweeping views of the valley below and the surrounding panoramic greenery. A lot of rivers originate from the peak and flow downwards making the environment look like a veritable paradise.

Flora and Fauna

The unmatched beauty of the national park is replete with undisturbed ecosystem .Besides the exotic Sirohi flower species, the forest reserve has a limited bio-diversity. Some of the wild animals habitating the place are wild boar, deer, tigers, leopards and antelopes etc. Other avifauna species include Mrs. Hume’s bar backed pheasant, owls, vultures, warblers, pheasants, tits, eagles and Blyth’s tragopan etc. The lower area is covered in tropical dense forests while the hill tops have temperate vegetation.

Permits to Enter the Park

To visit the park, you will need special permits from Imphal Forest Deptt’s Chief Wildlife Warden.

Things to Do at Sirohi National Park

1. Sirohi- Khayang Peak

Located at an elevation of 3114 metres above the sea level, the peak is considered the ideal spot for trekking. Besides, it offers sweeping views of the valley below, mesmerising views of the sunset and an overall enchanting vibe.

2. Sirohi- Khangkhui Caves

Made of natural limestone, Khangkhui caves are natural caves where the people took refuge during world war 2. The caves also have a huge hall known as a Darbar Hall which is the highlight of the destination for the tourists. Located amidst dense woods and hilly terrain, the spooky caves are sure to give you an adrenaline rush.

3. Sirohi- Ukhrul Town

The town of Ukhrul is located at just 5 kms from the national park. You can explore the lifestyle of the local people living there and indulge yourself in traditional cuisines.

Photos of Sirohi National Park

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Best Time To Visit Sirohi National Park

The weather stays the best in the winter season between November and February. However, if you want to see the blooming Sirohi flowers in the valley, you should visit the place between May and June.

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