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Anchuruli Waterfalls, Idukki Overview

Situated amongst the gushing locations in Western Ghats Land and providing an enchanting view of the semi-evergreen forests grasslands, Anchuruli Waterfalls (also spelt as Anjuruli) is a surreal location definitely worth visiting. The water that comes from Erattayar River is used for the Idukki hydro-electric project. A tunnel which is 2 km long passes through Erattayar and Anchuruli carrying water to the lake. Though the tunnel is dangerous, it is a fun place to take a stroll at especially for all the adventure lovers.

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Attractions at Anchuruli Waterfalls

A perfect place for fishing, even trekking is very much accessible here once the permission is obtained from the season forests visit at Kanchiyar. Some of the most famous trekking sports in Anchuruli include Nellipara, Kozhikanam, Para Valavu, Edapalayam, and Chakkupara. The chirping sounds of the birds and that of streams and waterfalls provide a very comforting atmosphere to the place. One can also witness the scenic area of the Idukki dam from this area that offers a charming and captivating appearance of nature. The name 'Anchuruli' means five vessels and has been derived from the five small hills that can be seen in water once the water level is low and these hills appear like five vessels that are inverted. With an amazing view of nature, this destination is truly a place for everyone to unwind away from the hustle-bustle of the polluted cities and the maddening crowd. An extension of the Idukki Dam and a wonderful picnic spot, the Anchuruli Waterfalls is definitely worth visiting.

Best Time To Visit Anchuruli Waterfalls

The monsoon season i.e. from August to May is the perfect time to pay a visit to the Anchuruli Waterfalls since the water flow from the tunnel at its full force during this time. Also, when there is heavy monsoon, one can hear the sound of the water falling into the reservoir.

Anchuruli Tunnel

The large area of water along with the large circular tunnel that is 4 km in length is the main attraction of Anchuruli Waterfalls. This tunnel which is responsible for bringing water from Erattayar Dam till the Idukki reservoir witnesses a light at the end when the water flow is less strong. The water flow during the monsoon season is very high during the monsoon season which forms a huge waterfall in this place.

You can also indulge in swimming here in case you are interested. Also, if you are adventurous enough, you can go through the tunnel with utmost care as per the water flow. Anchuruli is a perfect place for fishing as well as trekking once official permission is obtained from the Divisional forest office at Kanchiyar.

How To Reach Anchuruli Waterfalls

To reach Anchuruli Waterfalls, you need to travel for 10 km towards Kottayam from Kattappana. From there, take a right after you come across the Hyundai showroom and take a right turn. After going on for about 4 km, you will reach your destination. In case you are travelling from Vagamon, travel for around 10 km before Kattappana, take a left, and you will reach this exquisite destination.

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