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Burude Falls, Honnemaradu Overview

Burude Falls is located in the Western Ghats of India, about 20 kilometres away from the quaint town of Siddapur in the northern part of Karnataka. The waterfall is famous for its breathtaking beauty and mesmerising surroundings which consist of lush green forests. These forests are a favourite among medium to advanced level trekkers. The waterfall gets frequent local visitors due to its proximity to Siddapur and is famous as a picnic spot. This remote waterfall offers a stunning panoramic view from the top of the Western Ghats.

The Burude Waterfall is also known as Illimane falls because it is formed of a rivulet called Illimane that flows down the Western Ghats, descending in 5 different levels. Each level creates a separate waterfall ultimately forming a natural pool at the base. The atmosphere is pleasant during the tourist season and the trek is quite adventurous but is sure to be memorable. The mystic views are enough to have you mesmerised and will want to keep coming back.

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Trekking To Burude Falls

To reach the point where trekking begins, visitors need to drive through Kyadgi Village on Kumta- Siddapur road which is about 20 kilometres from Siddapur. From the village, they need to follow the signboards to reach Burude falls. As one proceeds ahead, they will reach a track (jeep track) wide enough for small vehicles to drive through. This track is lined by some farms and houses. The point where the trail ends is where the trek begins. At this point, one will find a pagoda type shelter built by the tourism department and about a 100 concrete steps that lead you down to Burude Falls. Tourists may rest here for a while and cherish the sounds of birds chirping and the river water trickling downstream. From here, tourists have to descend the steep concrete steps to reach different levels of the waterfall. The point where the first level of the waterfall begins, the trail becomes steeper and rocky making it a perfect adventure trek for adventure buffs.

Bird Watching at Burude Falls

Burude falls are surrounded by lush green forests, home to a variety of birds and animals. Bird Watching is thus a famous recreational activity in the region. As one proceeds towards the waterfall through the rocky descend, they can see a variety of birds like the Bulbul, the Mynah, the Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Racket Tail Drongo, the Bee Eater etc. Other than these, if one goes bird watching a little more into the forest, one may even find the Grey Hornbill, the Grey Jungle Fowl, Peacock, Pigeons, Parakeets, the Greater Golden Black Woodpecker, Owls and Owlets, Kingfisher, Minivet, Stocks etc.

Best Time To Visit Burude Falls

The best time to visit Burude falls is between November and February as the weather is pleasant and there is less risk of slipping over the rugged cement steps as one explores all the levels of the waterfall.

Tips For Visiting Burude Falls

1. Trekking is not advisable during the monsoons as the steps, and the rocky trail gets slippery.
2. Wear appropriate trekking gear and shoes with a good grip while exploring the falls.
3. Getting into the water is not advisable as the waterfall is quite rough.
4. Carry enough water, snacks, glucose/calcium drink and a first-aid kit for the trip. 
5. Make sure to apply some calcium or lime on your legs before beginning the trek as the area is full of leeches.

How To Reach Burude Falls

Burude falls is located on the outskirts of Siddapur and is just 30 kilometres away from the centre of the town. Public transport is easily available from the town. You may also choose to drive by private vehicles to the beautiful waterfall via the Sovinkoppa-Siddapur road and the Kumta-Siddapur road.

If travelling from Sirsi, tourists have to travel a distance of 75 kilometres via the Siddapur-Kumta Road till Kyadgi Village. Once you reach Kyadgi Village on Kumta- Siddapur road, about 20 kilometres from Siddapur, you'll see signboards leading to Burude falls.

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