Kayaking in Honnemaradu

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Duration : 1-2 hrs

Price : INR 500-1500 (Depends on duration, location and guide)

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Kayaking in Honnemaradu, Honnemaradu Overview

Honnemaradu is a very famous travel destination for adventure lovers and is especially known for its kayaking opportunities on the Sharavathi River backwaters. Tourists flock in from different parts of the country to experience kayaking in Honnemaradu amidst the golden sands and sparkling waters the beautiful town has to offer. Located in the Western Ghats, you will get stunning views of the raw nature that surrounds the river. The most attractive aspect of the place is that it does not limit the number of activities it offers by age. People belonging to any age group can enjoy at the same level.

A kayak is a closed and single decked boat which can house a single person at one go. Kayaks are not very easy to drive especially for a fresher. It requires concentration, understanding the technique, learning the necessary skill and deploying it successfully. Kayaks are fast and offer a thrilling experience to those who like to indulge in these amazing water sports. The best place to try your hand at kayaking in the backwaters of Honnemaradu, which are known for the same. Owing to its pristine natural chams, the thrill of this sport is even more inviting in Honnemaradu and you can enjoy an adrenaline high here like never before!

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Things to Know Before Going Kayaking

Here is a quick guideline for you to follow if you are planning on kayaking for the first time:-

1. You should try and get a kayaking lesson before you actually indulge in the activity. Kayaking seems easy on the outside but you can end up paddling in circles for a chunk of your alloted time. 
2. Dress according to the water and not the weather. 
3. Choose your kayak according to what suits you best. For example, kayaking in a lake needs a flatwater boat white sit-on-top kayaks are great for beginners. 
4. Don't forget to wear buoyancy aid which are like life jackets but allow more movement around the arms and neck.
5. Sit in your kayak properly and learn to hold the paddle the right way. 
6. You should carry an extra set of clothes for the time after your kayaking session. 
7. Learn how to rescue yourself and others. Make sure you go through a basic capsize drill with your instructor. They will teach you how to right the boat and get back in again.
8. Never kayak alone, even if you are a seasoned kayaker. This way, you will have someone to help you in case of an emergency.

Other Attractions and Things To Do

Some other activities one can indulge in apart from Kayaking include camping where one can set up tents, light up a bonfire and enjoy a beautiful musical evening. The clean water is perfect to go for a refreshing swim or canoeing. One can also go coracling in water. A coracle is a round traditional boat which is used to enjoy a ride in the water. It can accommodate around 3-4 people in one go. Trekking, windsurfing and rafting are other thrilling activities available at Honnemaradu.

Best Time to do Kayaking in Honnemaradu

The best time to go kayaking is during the October-December period when the weather is cooler. The spring period of February-April is also suitable as the temperature picks up. The summer months are quite hot, and kayaking being an outdoor activity, that too on the water, it is not advisable to make a trip this time of year.

How To Reach Kayaking in Honnemaradu

Honnemardu is well-connected by roadways and can be easily reached by hiring a cab or via means of local transport such as a bus. Several deluxe private bus services also connect Honnemardu to Shimoga and Bangalore.

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