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"The Sunshine City of Zimbabwe"

Harare Tourism

The capital of Zimbabwe, Harare sits at an elevation of 1,483 metres (4,865 feet) and is one of the more attractive capitals in the Southern Africa. It is a safe city with the typical laid-back feel of an African summer. You will find a wide variety of fine dining options, museums, bars, and even craft markets in the city. Also known as the Sunshine City, this African capital is one of the lesser-known spots to spend a fun-filled week or so during your next trip to the continent of Africa.

Found in North-east of Zimbabwe, Harare sits on a fertile plateau at an elevation of nearly 5000 feet. As is typical in Africa, Harare boasts some spectacular scenic beauty. You can find giraffes, lions, wildebeests, and much much more in the plains encompassing the city. You can even find plenty of things to do inside the city itself. Life passes at a very languid pace in Harare and you can spend your days exploring the city's cultural and historic offerings. You have the Parliament of Zimbabwe, Anglican Cathedral, and the New Reserve Bank Tower worth checking out as well as the downtown district and plenty of lovely flora - especially Jacaranda trees. If all this wasn't enough, Harare also has some attractive options for fine dining with restaurants and you can even get a decently-priced drink at nice bars in the evenings. And, to top it all off, Harare is one of the safer cities in Africa - and especially in the South of the continent.

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What is the best time to visit Harare?

The best time to visit Harare is between the months of April to August. At this time of year, the city experiences very little rain - and all of the tourist attractions and sights are open to the public for visits.
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What are the places near Harare?

The top places near to Harare are London which is 8285 km from Harare, Dubai which is located 5458 km from Harare, Amsterdam which is located 8206 km from Harare, New york city which is located 12542 km from Harare, Bali which is located 9103 km from Harare

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