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Hoysala Mahotsava Dates : March-April

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Hoysala Mahotsava, Halebidu Overview

A magnificent celebration of Indian culture and heritage, artists from all over the country, come to participate in Hoysala Mahotsava. The Hoysala Mahotsava is a brilliant festival that commemorates King Hoysala in his great military victory as well as the Hoysala Dynasty of India through the assorted forms of dance, music and art. The honorary art forms are performed in honour of the King Hoysala, whose military genius and bravery are commemorated in the wall carvings of the temple. The festival takes place in the temples of Belur Halebid in Karnataka and is holy and auspicious for Hindus.

The hamlets surrounding the temple come alive during the festival with lights, decorations, and the festive spirit. The beautiful temple, which is a piece of history in itself, is an excellent location for several festivities and the other activities that follow. After the traditional dances, a huge feast follows in the temple.

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What Happens at the Hoysala Mahotsava Festival


The festival takes place usually in March, and sometimes in early April. Hindus celebrate it, and it does not only feature a burst of culture, but also the bliss that faith may offer. The visual beauty of the traditional and cultural dance forms from all around the country genuinely make the celebrations worth it, and it could birth joy in anybody's hearts. The way the idols are adorned and lit up, it sure seems like they were to come to life. The hamlets surrounding the Belur Halebid temple are also brought to life in the festive spirit, and it overall makes the entire festival a breathtaking scene. A feast follows after the performances of the dancers.

The diversity of the state is appropriately displayed in the course of this festival as it showcases different traditional dance forms from around the country. The people of Karnataka take pride especially in the celebration as it showcases their state in beautiful light with the burst of culture at the stage. They work hard for many months in advance to make it a big success, and they do make it so each year. There is music and other forms of fine arts as well that are also performed at the festival. This festival and its school of dance, music, and art make for a beautiful and mesmerising celebration that one may spend all day enjoying with their friends and family.


Dance, being the main focus of the cultural events in the festival, is revered and enamoured by those watching the performances, but there are forms of music and fine arts as well that are also celebrated during this festival. This festival becomes an excellent platform for new talent as well as they can perform their art form, but, at the same time, also honour a significant figure in Indian history. Thus, Indian history comes to life on stage when this festival is celebrated, as if the carvings of the dancers on the walls of the temple are alive in front of our very eyes.

History of Hoysala Mahotsava


The Belur Halebid temple in Karnataka was erected in 1117 AD in honour of King Hoysala, to commemorate his military bravery and genius. There are several gorgeous carvings on the walls of the temples that depict scenes, and other gods and warriors in play from the war he was in where he emerged as victorious. The festival celebrates the marvellous victory by the king but also celebrates the brilliant dynasty that was the Hoysala Dynasty.

Where is Hoysala Mahotsava Celebrated?

The festival and its activities take place in the beautiful Belur Halebid temple in Karnataka. Belur and Halebid are beautiful heritage towns in their merit as they house history in themselves, and can be quite the treat to those who love history. There are many temples in the cities where one may go and offer their prayers. The spiritual experience in heritage locations is exceptional. All of the temples have beautiful carvings on them that cannot separate the artist responsible. They genuinely reflect their work and the scene they are trying to portray through the precision and aesthetics that they represent.

How To Reach Belur, Halebid

One may reach the towns of Belur and Halebid via air, road or railways. Shravanabelagola falls on the road to the town of Hassan from Bangalore and Mysore which lead to the towns of Hassan, Belur and Halebid. The Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation has bus tour services from the cities of Bangalore and Mysore to the towns of Hassan, Belur and Halebid. The nearest railway station is in Hassan, and it connects to major cities such as Bangalore, Mysore, and Mangalore. The closest airports are in Mysore about 150 km away, in Mangalore about 194 km away, and Bangalore about 222 km away.

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