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Suraj Kund, Gwalior Overview

With the blue hills of Aravalli in the background, Surajkund is an old reservoir located around 8 kilometres south of Delhi. Surajkund was constructed around the 10th century by Suraj Pal of the Tomar Dynasty, who himself was a sun worshipper and therefore built a Sun Temple on the western bank of the embankment. The word Surajkund literally translates to the 'Lake of the Sun', and the destination is presently surrounded by the ruins of an ancient sun temple, coupled with a beautiful garden and a pool by the name of Siddha Kund.

Suraj kund in Gwalior is a tank located in Gwalior fort. It is believed to have magical powers. Water from the tank act as a medicinal water that assumed to cure chronic diseases. Atmosphere around the Suraj Kund is quite attractive and well maintained which encourage the tourist to spend plenty of time. It was constructed in 15th centuary. Noticable thing of the Suraj kund is the sunset and sunrise. The historical significance of suraj kund attract large number of tourist. The place is full of peace. History reveals that the discover of gwalior city Suraj Sen, was cured from his diesease of leprosy after drinking the water from the pond.

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Gwalior is the most impresive city of the India . According to the history a prince named Suraj sen of Kachhwaha clan of 8th century, lost his way while pacing in the jungle for hunting. After some time of wandering he reached an isolated hill . While roaming around he got tired and thirsty . He found a sage and asked him for some water . The sage led to the pond . After drinking water from the pond , not only his thirst was fulfilled but hid disease named leaposy was cured . He asked the sage to do something for him in return . The sage told to fortify the hill . The hill was secured and was named Gwalior . City around the Gwalior was of great importance as the location of the Gwalior covers the Agra - deccan area .

Places to visit around

Gwalior fort- Fort was built in 8th century and is surrounded by concerete walls of sandstone . Fort contains the historical importance as it contains three temples ,6 palaces and many water tanks . It was build in 15th century by Man singh . In the fort Teli- Ka Mandir is very popular and famous . Sas -Bahu temples- Every thing about the temple i.e history, architecture, name is unique and interesting . Temple got its name from "Sahastrabahu" which resembles a powerful man with thousands of hands i.e Lord shiva. Kala Vithika - It is a museum famous for its aritifacts . it has old paintings , instruments and potraits displaying the rich culture of Madhya pradesh . Surya mandir - Surya mandir or sun temple holds an important position in the holy places of Hindus. It was constructed by the G.D. Birla .

Tips For Visiting Suraj Kund

Food facility is very good . Camera and vedio are allowed . Lockers or storage facility is also provided .

How To Reach Suraj Kund

By air- The nearest airport is Gwalior. From te airpoet taxis ru to suraj kund . Gwalior airport station connects many many major cities . By rail- Gwalior is the nearest railway station. By road - People can hire busses of all types like private, volvo etc and provides smooth tour to the Gwalior. Many major cities are connected by bus routes.

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