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Rere Rockslide, Gisborne Overview

Just north of Gisborne is one of nature’s most amusing phenomena - The Rere Rockslide, also called Nature's slip and slide. It is a naturally-occurring water slide occurring naturally. It is a result of the natural flow of the river over the rocks beneath it. The Rere Rockslide is a gift of nature for adventurous people and is sure to set the pulses of adventure-seekers racing

This rockslide is a flat slab of Rock about 60m or 200 ft long. It is a smooth and mossy rock formation with the water of Wharekopae River acting as a lubricant. The rock descends at an angle of 30°, over which water of the river, rushes like water in a giant water slide. Over the centuries, the water of the flowing river has smoothened the rock so much that it has been made safe to slide down the rock.

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Things to Do

Slide- One can go sliding down the rock slide, crashing in the pool below. One can also slide on the stomach but it is advisable to carry some kind of barrier to put between one's body and the rocks. All sorts of flat surfaces can be used to bomb down the rockslide. Boogie boards are preferable for the more adventurous as the rides are faster. At the bottom of the slide a 4-metre deep pool, cushions the blow.

Wearing a wetsuit gives good protection against cold water as well as scratches. One can slide in a group also on a large thing like an inflatable mattress, but if you love speed then take a solo trip on a hard bodyboard. 

Watch- Watching other people slide is also a source of pure entertainment, as people find all sorts of new ways to slide down the rock slide, at times crashing into the sidewalls and also each other.

Relax- The Rockslide is surrounded by trees and grassy spaces. The car park has several picnic tables placed right by the river and also toilets. So, one can have lunch or snacks there and altogether can have a full day of fun.  The trees provide good shade, so as, the visitors can idle out comfortably. 

Best Time to Visit

A sunny summer day, when the amount of water in the flowing river just seems right is the best time to visit the Rere Rockslide. As lots of locals, as well as tourists, rush to this destination, a visit in the early morning hours or late evening is recommended to avoid a crowded situation. It is best generally, after a bit of rain, because then the water flow is high and faster.

How To Reach Rere Rockslide

  • Rere Rockslide is located about 50 km north-west of Gisborne city in New Zealand.
  • It is on the Wharekopae River and is about 45 minutes drive from Gisborne or 3 hours drive from Napier.
  • First comes the Rere Falls car park and 2 km up the road from here,  is the Rere Rockslide carpark.
  • From the parking, one has to walk downhill for about 1 min to reach the top of the rock slide.

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