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How to Reach Edinburgh from India

The airway route between Delhi and Edinburgh is one of the busiest ones. This is the best option if any person from India is willing to go to Edinburgh There are various airlines that offer flight tickets at affordable rates. The best airlines are British Airways, Air France, Air India and Lufthansa Airlines.

How to reach Edinburgh by flight

The busiest airport in Scotland is the Edinburgh International Airport. It is situated at a distance of 10 miles from the city. There are various domestic and international flights that connect Edinburgh to other parts of Europe, North America and the Middle East. Most tourists arrive via a connecting flight from London. The Edinburgh Trams connect the airport to the main city and there are regular trams at an interval of 8-10 minutes. There is also a bus service from the Airport, known as the Airlink Express that runs from the airport to the Edinburgh City Centre.

How to reach Edinburgh by road

Edinburgh can be reached by road from Glasgow, Stirling, Perth, Dundee, Newcastle and Carlisle. It is not a car friendly city because of the numerous one way streets and the medieval layout of the Old Town. Getting around within the city is made easier with the numerous taxis and tram services.

How to reach Edinburgh by train

The major railway station is the Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station which is a beautiful tourist attraction in itself. It is located near the Edinburgh Castle and the Princes Street and serves over 14 million people in a year. It is the hub of the Scottish Railways and there are hourly services to Aberdeen and Dundee and two hourly service to Inverness. There are also shuttle trains to Glasgow that run every 15 minutes throughout the day. Trains rub by Virgin Trains East Coast connect London to Edinburgh. Another small station that opened in 2004 is the Edinburgh Park which is located at a distance from the city.

How to reach Edinburgh by bus

Edinburgh is served by different inter city bus companies that connect Scotland with England. Most of the long distance buses start and arrive at Edinburgh bus station that is near St. Andrew Square.

How to reach Edinburgh by Waterways

There are ferry services from Belfast to Edinburgh which can be booked through Citylink.

Local transport in Edinburgh

Walking along the streets in the city is the best way to get around as Edinburgh is a compact city and all the major attractions are no longer than a 15 minute walk apart. Edinburgh has two bus companies, Lothian Buses and the First. They have a common bus stop and the buses operate all across the city. There are a few suburban trains that run from the Edinburgh Waverly station and they reach the south west and south east suburbs of the city. It is better to avoid driving cars in central Edinburgh as it is a complete nightmare. The trams in Edinburgh are pretty new and link only a few places in the city.

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