Durban Botanical Gardens

Durban Botanical Gardens, Durban Overview

The oldest surviving botanical gardens in Africa, the Durban Botanical Gardens provide an captivating insight into the flora and fauna of the region.

These botanical gardens, located on the Botanical Gardens Road, are a lovely escape from the bustling city. The beautiful, diverse, and colourful collection of flora on display makes for a very soothing environment. There are several exotic plants in the gardens, like a variety of cycads, orchids, bromelaids and so on, along with over a thousand individual trees to add to the aura. The garden has special smaller gardens to display these types, such as the breathtaking Orchid House or the award-winning Sensory Garden, the tea garden and also the herbarium. The diverse flora of the garden naturally attract beautiful butterflies, bees, frogs, and a host of birds. The gardens also host musial concerts and many exhibitions. The Indigenous plant fair is held here every year in the month of September. Entry to the gardens is free, however paid guided tours can also be taken.

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